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Trump’s Non-Defense of Western Values

July 8, 2017

  “Our citizens did not win freedom together, did not survive horrors together, did not face down evil together, only to lose our freedom to a lack of pride and confidence in our values.” Donald Trump on his one-way tour to Antenora in defense of values he doesn’t hold.     So the talking points… Read More ›

The Clueless Chaos of Phoenix Comicon 2017

There is a line in the otherwise bizarre film Tropic Thunder where Robert Downey Jr.’s character gives some rather politically incorrect advice: “Never go full retard.” This last month’s Phoenix Comicon decided to not only ignore that advice but even further–they “went full potato” as one comic-con attendee put it (we then tried to figure… Read More ›

The Rise of the Far Right? So Last Year

The results of yesterday’s first round of the French presidential election are in and far right Marine Le Pen (Front National) finished with 21.4%. Conservative François Fillon (Les Républicains) who was weakened by so-called “Penelopegate” came in third. The winner is centrist Emmanuel Macron (En Marche!) with 23.9%. The runoff on May 7th isn’t expected… Read More ›

You can only pick from one of the two crazy options on climate change

There are two sides in this argument and only two sides: Side One: Climate Change caused by mankind is an absolute scientific truth that cannot be denied and to do so is equivalent to saying the world is flat.  The only way to stop this is to immediately stop all fossil fuel use meaning all… Read More ›

We were right about Trump, the other pundits are still wrong

We told you about Donald Trump… Right now isolationists who so wanted to get behind Trump all are a twitter (pun intended) that their god-king is not going to be the isolationist they had hoped. We told you so. Trump campaigned on beating ISIS (even though his supposed “plan” to defeat them is clearly as… Read More ›

Tomi Lahren Showed Us Where The Line Is And We Shouldn’t Be Happy About It

First off, this article isn’t really about Tomi Lahren. She does feature prominently in it, but before her blonde and overly perky head can grow any larger because of yet another mention of her name on Google and cause her to float away like Aunt Marge, she should be aware that she serves only as a sort… Read More ›

Three books to Read To Understand the Trump Years

  The next few years are seemingly uncharted territory.  Never before has the Oval Office been inhabited by someone who is racist, functionally mentally retarded, morally degenerate, and actively and intentionally working against the best interest of the US all at once.  Sure, we’ve had three of the four but Andrew Jackson and Jimmy Carter… Read More ›

The Problems of Immigration: How to Actually Fix Them and Why Trump is Wrong on Everything

This is insane.  Everything that is happening right now is pure insanity.  On the one hand, you had people who have a legal right to be here being barred from entry because they are from nations that have never produced a terrorist act on US soil, but because we have a vile racist twit as… Read More ›

A Review of Trump’s Inaugural Address

Published January 20, 2017 Below is the full text of President Trump’s inaugural speech: Chief Justice Roberts, President Carter, President Clinton, President Bush, President Obama, fellow Americans, and people of the world: thank you. Why are we thanking the people of the world?  They had nothing to do with his election. We, the citizens of… Read More ›

The End of Obamacare…let’s hope the cure isn’t worse than the disease…

It should come as no shock to anyone that Trump has already signaled that he plans on keeping parts of Obamacare.  In fact, he plans on keeping two of the most useless and costliest parts.   And that’s just to start.  Keep in mind this is a man who said that he admired Canada’s single… Read More ›

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