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Obama’s Last Back Stab To Israel

January 2, 2017

Yes, one last jab in the back before he left office. Advertisements

Zoabi Thinks Israel is 1930’s Germany

  It’s weirdly fascinating how out of wack the world can be. Today it seems like everything the media publishes is a load of finely woven trash to make you care about an issue and to make you lean a certain way. Not all media is like that of course. But too often stories are… Read More ›

Violence In Israel: The Breakdown

  Violent attacks in Israel. Oh, is it that time of year again? Sure, but this time its not Gaza and southern Israel. For the first time in years extreme violence has irrupted in the holiest of Jewish cities: Jerusalem.

Netanyahu Addresses the UN: And the point was?

Don’t get me wrong, Netanyahu made good points, he’s a great speaker and he was 100% correct. Problem is it doesn’t matter. He was speaking to the UN and they listen in one ear and out the other. A moving and powerful speech left a far-from-full room completely unchanged.

Reaction: Obama admits Peace with Palestinians Not Possible

  Has hell frozen over? Will pigs be flying?  President Obama has, according to United With Israel, it is possible.  In an interview the president gave at Camp David he explains that peace in the near future between Israel and the Palestinians is not possible. But the epiphany isn’t all what it seems.

Netanyahu, A Slap of Respect and Truth

Tuesday Morning March 3rd, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu spoke in front of a joint session of Congress, despite over 50 Democrats boycotting and general controversy over the event. His speech put President Obama to shame in the classiest and most respectful manner befitting a person of his position.

Double Standards: Israel can’t build homes, but Terrorism is Perfectly Normal

Mogherini and her lack of brain matter again, this time they are threatening very serious sanctions against Israel in order to force them to comply with a two-state solution. Because we all know Jews are totally going to obey and listen (Remember my sarcasm).

European Union, Antisemitic and Incompetent…What Else Is New?

The bright minds of the European union never cease to surprise us. Just when we think they cannot get any worse, they do. Gotta handed to them, being this stupid takes a lot of effort. Their new Chief of Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini, seen above, is no exception to this.

Sweden Recognizes Terrorists as a Nation

The government of Sweden has officially recognized a country without clear borders, with no official government, no non-theoretical capital, and whose main goal is the destruction of Israel. Way to go.

Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the United Nations

Today Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel spoke in front of the United Nations on this and other subjects. Yes, it’s that time of year again. Every year it seems Bibi gets in front of the general assembly, calls them out on their bullshit, presents facts, and as usual the United Nations pretends to care,… Read More ›

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