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The Solution to all Long-term Problems of Immigration

August 4, 2017

So the Trump team this week rolled out another idiotic plan, this time to lower the amount of immigration to the country.  Despite the fact that immigration itself is always a benefit and the lack there of is always a detriment, the Trump team as usual doesn’t deal with facts.  Since the sane argument would… Read More ›

My Parents Raised Me “Free Range” Before It Was Cool

I was a free range kid, so were most of my friends, and not a single one of us had a cellphone to keep in touch with our parents. I walked through our freezing cold neigborhood at 6am to catch the bus by myself. I stayed home during my homeschool years with my sister (who… Read More ›

School Choice: The Benefits of Competitive Schools

(Originally posted on The Snark Who Hunts Back) One of the greatest benefits that school choice gives to education is that it creates a field of competition and innovation that should, theoretically, raise the standard of education in every school, public, private, and charter. Competition has been the motor that has driven innovation in this country… Read More ›

The Audacity of “White Privilege”

This is really for those who believe there is such a thing. There might have been decades ago. But that was then and this is now. The first time I ever heard the term “white privilege” was during a sermon at my church over one month ago. I’ll admit it caught me off guard and,… Read More ›

An Open Letter to “Feminist” Taylor Swift

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. Look, I like your music. I’m going to continue liking your music for a very long time, I have no doubt. However, you are not impressing me with this new facet of your personality. You know, the one where you have decided to embrace this shallow modern “feminism” that your friends Lena… Read More ›

The Mediocrity of Worshiping Diversity

The University of Wisconsin – Madison has a plan for increasing diversity on campus. It’s not entirely a concept without merit and I don’t even necessarily disagree with some of their background research that indicates that diversity is good for education, unfortunately the plan leaves quite a lot to be desired. Buried in the almost… Read More ›

An Open Letter To A Really Brave Two Year Old and One To a Handful of Cowards

To the son of Catherine Ferreira: Sorry, I don’t know your first name. No one mentioned it in the news articles, but I felt compelled to write to you regardless of that. There is a good chance you will never ever read this letter and, given the context of my letter, I hope you are of… Read More ›

No Room for Sports in the New PE

Thank God I grew up in the 90s. Really, I can’t be grateful enough for that. Especially with each new story about how the schools are becoming tailor-made to the feelings of the most emotionally challenged child or their parent. There was the school that banned balls (congrats, none of the boys at that school… Read More ›

TW: The Damage of Trigger Warnings

TW: I’m going to suggest that people use books to help them cope with their traumatic past instead of demanding that their schools remove the books that contain triggers.   Just thought I’d put that up front to avoid setting anyone off. For those over the age of 30, who were lucky enough to come of… Read More ›

Things Feminists Hate: Dress Codes

Last month it was Taylor Swift, this month it’s dress codes. This whole debacle about how much feminists hate dress codes was brought back to me recently by a particularly stupid article, making mountains out of molehills as Jezebel is wont to do, complaining that a school was telling girls to not wear leggings or… Read More ›

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