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The GOP Tax Plan Won’t Bring Economic Boost…But A Flat Tax Would…and other thoughts about taxes.

November 9, 2017

  So, taxes are coming up in the failure that is the Trump presidency. Now if you think that meaningful tax reform will come out of this excuse for a presidency, please contact me as I have some lovely bridges to sell, and a few skyscrapers to boot. But let’s deal with what real tax… Read More ›

The Problems of Immigration: How to Actually Fix Them and Why Trump is Wrong on Everything

This is insane.  Everything that is happening right now is pure insanity.  On the one hand, you had people who have a legal right to be here being barred from entry because they are from nations that have never produced a terrorist act on US soil, but because we have a vile racist twit as… Read More ›

Civic Virtue needed to Maintain A Republic

The cry goes something like this:
Muslims are invading and destroying Europe. They’re putting Sharia in place. Illegals are invading our nation and they’re not following laws, they don’t believe in American ideals. You can’t teach these people how to have Western values. You have to get rid of them. We need to close the borders. If we don’t get rid of them, if we have open borders then Western Civilization will be destroyed.

Why I hate Martin Luther King Jr. Day…

Life has its beginning and its maturity comes into being when an individual rises above self to something greater.–Martin Luther King Jr. Okay let’s get this out of the way.  I do support civil rights and I have nothing racist to say in this article. Now with that out of the way. I hate MLK… Read More ›

Post 2016…What to do after the worst election in recent history?

Well, crap.  The idiot won.  Doesn’t matter which one, they’re both terrible. So we can wallow in the fact that for the next four years we have a corrupt idiot in charge who will likely do anything they can to subvert the Constitution.  We can pray the promised meteor of death finally gets here and… Read More ›

We need something to save us from bad executives in general…

Okay, so we’ve been quiet for a while. We thought that in an era where two terrible candidates are taking up all the oxygen in the room each trying to convince you that the other one was worse, neither having anything resembling a legitimate plan (and what plans they do have are terrible), that it… Read More ›

Feminism Classic

In the 1980s the Coca-Cola company made a gigantic mistake. That mistake was known as New Coke. It was so unpopular that it took less than 3 months for the company to reintroduce the original product, only under the name “Coca-Cola Classic” because the name “Coca-Cola” was already on every bit of New Coke advertising…. Read More ›

Some thoughts on football–the sport of socialism

Football. The great sport of socialism.  Let’s ignore for the moment that football is rank barbarism, outdone only by the true viciousness of boxing and the UFC, that plays to the absolute worst within the human soul. Let’s ignore that most football players should be behind bars not worshiped as icons (even forgetting the massive list… Read More ›

A Conservative Platform (the kind we won’t get)

Well we can all admit that with names like Clinton, Trump, and Johnson (a crook, a Nazi, and a pothead), there is going to be nothing but big government twaddle mixed with a general view that the entire world can burn for all we care for foreign policy. So as there will be no conservative… Read More ›

Captain America Would Support the 5th Amendment

Just because someone play’s someone on the big screen doesn’t mean they have anything in common with them in real life. Just because we jokingly say that Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark, that doesn’t mean we should expect him to start building Iron Man suits or fighting terrorists in his spare time. And just because Chris… Read More ›

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