About Elementary Politics

Elementary PoliticsPolitics–that great cesspool into which all the loungers and idlers of civilization are irresistibly drained.


And you may describe that observation as “Excellent” but to us it is merely “Elementary.” Politics and economics and practical philosophy are actually elementary, simple, basic, when you take history, human nature and of common sense into account.   And when put together those methods lead inevitably to the deduction that Classical Liberalism, strong republican values, limited government, capitalism, strong defense, rational self-interest and individualism, and personal virtue and responsibility—in short Conservatism—are the systems that actually work. And for us, the writers, of Elementary Politics, we’re conservatives because of reason not tradition—are of the elementary conclusion that all other types of government have been proven to be false and impossible to sustain…and when you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, must be the truth.


Now you may not like our manners, we don’t care much for them either. We grieve over them long winter evenings…but we also have a moral responsibility to speak truth to power and endorse what is right in this nation and this world and oppose what is counter to that. We search for the truth be it in politics, foreign affair, or in the muck of popular culture and make the logical deductions that will help you understand the world around you because sometimes it’s always too simple unless you do the leg work and dig for the answers, sometimes the problem with putting two and two together is that sometimes you get four, and sometimes you get twenty-two. And our writers, like consulting detectives, will sort out which is which for you while keeping you informed of the whole story.


And our goal is to, in our own small way, bring about the change necessary to steer us back to intelligent and principled representatives, an informed electorate, and a government that limits itself to protecting our rights and our pursuit of looking for the stuff that dreams are made of.


“Let me remind you that even the most unworthy of us has a right to life and the pursuit of happiness.”


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