Guardians Volume 2: Solid if Not Quite As Good as the First One

Beware of Spoilers!!!

What to say about a sequel to an A movie. It’s hard to top. Age of Ultron couldn’t do it. Winter Soldier did it, and so did Civil War and while Guardians of the Galaxy is a solid flick it’s debatable whether or not it lived up to the original. We say not quite, but still a decent flick. As the resident Marvel Girl, Not to be confused with Jean Gray Marvel Girl, I’ll admit Guardians of the Galaxy is not one of the comics I’ve read, or was ever particularly interested it. All the cosmic comics were just a tad too trippy for my taste.  But I loved the first Guardians of the Galaxy and even if the sequel doesn’t live up to the original, it is still an entertaining flick.

It opens with our heroes fighting a giant squid-ish type monster, while Groot runs around during the opening credits. The Guardians are hired by pompous gold aliens to protect their special batteries from the monster. Rocket of course steals them, because he can and the gold-genetic-obsessed-weirdos follow them using their drone ships to apprehend them. The Guardians try to fight them (receiving help from a mysterious ship) before crash landing on the closest planet. The mysterious ship  follows them and has two new characters on it, one is Mantis, played by Pom Klementieff  (seen left) and is absolutely adorable. She is a sweet and fun character to watch. She’s much more reserved than the other characters and her interactions become pure comedy gold. The second character we’re introduced to is Ego, played by Kurt Russel.

The fact that Russel ends up playing a villain just makes the betrayal so much more painful because audiences know him as the guy from Miracle, or the father in Sky High or any other number of movies he has played in. Either way he delivers a great performance.

In the spirit of not revealing everything we get a lot of character development for Gamora and Nebula, Rocket, Peter and Yondu, of all people, who as it turns out is not too loved by the other ravager sects because of his child-related dealings. Dude violated the code. It is interesting to see Yondu and Rocket bond in this film and just fun to watch everyone interacting with little baby Groot. Even Sean Gunn’s character Kraglin gets to do more and ends up being a sweet character we want to know more about.

This movie is fun in that it doesn’t take itself too seriously and tries to tell a good story with a lot of humor thrown in, even if the humor, particularly in the beginning of the movie was a hit or miss. But at the same time there were tons of amazing jokes as well, so don’t hold a few bad jokes against it.

The soundtrack is one of the weaker points of this film. The music in general felt a bit more Avengers than Guardians, and the songs included were not anywhere near as memorable as the first one. I suppose what it lacks in catchy songs it makes up for with five after credit scenes. YES FIVE! That means once the movie ends, your butt stays in the seat until the people waiting to clean the theater tell you to get out. Also apparently one of those scenes has Miley Cyrus doing a voice for one of the characters….not the kind of celebrity cameos you want in you movie, Mr. Gunn.

Speaking of cameos, Stan Lee may have just made his best one yet, at 94 we see him talking to a very specific big headed, robed and useless jerks who are fascinated…and later bored by Stan’s stories. It is truly a cameo to remember.

The plot is a tad predictable and it doesn’t quite feel to be on the same scale as the other one, but it still delivers a fun movie which gets us excited for Volume 3 and Avengers Infinity War.

Final Grade: B+


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