We were right about Trump, the other pundits are still wrong

We told you about Donald Trump…Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 5.35.16 PM

Right now isolationists who so wanted to get behind Trump all are a twitter (pun intended) that their god-king is not going to be the isolationist they had hoped.

We told you so.

Trump campaigned on beating ISIS (even though his supposed “plan” to defeat them is clearly as well thought out as every con, scam, and failed business the orange idiot has ever engaged in), on taking the oil of foreign nations (because going back to 19th century colonialism is a great idea) and cutting us off from world trade (economic interconnected-ness being one of the keys to guaranteeing peace).  It should come as no shock to anyone who listened that Trump is an inherently violent person who assaults women, has been implicated in rape (like any of us believe it’s only an implication), and is in general the very definition of degenerate.

And we’re going to tell you something else…he’s not going to stay here.

All of the people who are now whining about Trump being an interventionist/globalist/neocon whatever term the alt-right or really stupid pundits want to use are also wrong.  He’s none of those things.  But before we talk about why he’s not, let’s deal with what has happened in the last few days.

We have bombed rather useless buildings in Syria supposedly in response to a chemical weapons attack.  Although we did nothing to actually solve that problem.  The US has admitted that Assad would “maintain a certain capacity beyond this particular airfield”.  So Assad still can use that airfield, he still has other airfields and he still has chemical weapons.  So this was nothing but a petulant child trying to show he can break things.  Yes Assad is the problem.  As is Putin.  As is Trump. Tyrants in general are problems.  As of yet I’ve noted none of them are sitting in a jail cell or anything being done to correct that problem.

Then we bombed our own allies in Syria.    Yeah, friendly fire happens…but I’m just not going to give these people the benefit of the doubt.

Then we dropped a huge bomb on Afghanistan.  But what is interesting is we dropped it on a region with very little in it, supposedly to destroy a network of tunnels—i.e. to do something that is entirely unverifiable if we did it.

Oh and we’re moving ships and troops closer to North Korea.  Great idea, just randomly attack a nation led by a lunatic, with nuclear weapons (and likely chemical and biological weapons) with no plan and just not enough force to totally eradicate them (because that is your option, destroy EVERYTHING in one attack or guarantee nuclear, chemical, and biological reprisals).   Just a spectacular idea. Have fun with whatever pandemic their biological program releases just because you wanted to thump your chest instead of actually thinking before you act. Truly the kind of deep thinking that can support Trump or think he did something vaguely intelligent in Syria.

But this is not the actions of an interventionist of any level.  Because even in the stupidity of the Bush 43 presidency there was still a long term plan.  Granted that long term plan may have been as stupid as “we’ll invade and then democracy will magically spring up in these nations which have absolutely no experience with republican government, rule of law or civic virtue.”  It was a stupid plan, but at least it was a plan.

The problem is Trump is such a short term thinker and more like a petulant child rather than a leader so I doubt he is thinking beyond making himself look strong.  That’s why we’re sending 50 missiles to a single airbase which (A) seems overkill for a single target and (B) does not seem to have the value of attacking Assad personally or his weapons depot.  Now I grant those two comments are based on a lot of unknowns and assumptions (it might be a valuable target and it might not be overkill, I don’t know for sure).

All of this is useless if not followed up by the kind of long term nation building hated by Bush and Obama and which Trump has said he will not engage in, and which Tillerson and Mattis appear to be completely incapable of accomplishing…thus this will be just the recreation of all the problems of Iraq and Afghanistan all over again–but with Iraq and Afghanistan still being problems.

And because there is no plan things will change. Again.


This is pretty much a picture in the voices in Trump’s head…although both voices are violent assholes.

Following the mind of Trump is like watching that scene in The Two Towers where Gollum starts arguing with himself.  There are two sides to his mind and they’re both crazy and their hate for each other is outdone only by their hatred for all humanity.

Right now petty, violent, petulant child Trump is in play.  This Trump currently like his useless daughter and even more useless son-in-law and their liberal policies. But even though he’s listening to them, he still won’t do things with even the common sense of a liberal (yes there are things more idiotic than a liberal, namely Trump).

Next week or next month, there is little predicting it, the Smeagol side will come back out, but unlike the movie Smeagol which cozied up to the heroes, this little bastard cozies up to the alt-right.  And he’ll pull everything back, leaving all our allies without backup and ready for the slaughter.  The men and women of our armed services will have been put in harm’s way only to gratify the

Trump Camps

If after years your administration has broken into camps that might be understandable…if this is happening before the first 100 days…it’s a sign you’re unstable to the core.

momentary whim of a 70-year-old child—god willing none of them will die before then, but if they do it will be in vain and as a textbook sociopath Trump will only care that killing US armed forces makes him appear weak and thus retaliate in a haphazard fashion to just to show he is not weak.

And then someone will insult his hair and we’ll be back to Gollum.gollum

Worse yet there is no ring we can throw into a volcano to make this jackass jump in after it.

That’s the problem with Trump.  He is a completely irrational, contradictory, loon with no ability to even be consistent in his idiocy.  Right now the Kushner side is winning out over the Bannon side of the White House, but that’s this week.  There is no predicting what the hell is going to happen next week.  Bannon, Preibus, or some wholly new element could be pouring poison into the ear of the dimwit.  And he will blindly act on whatever whim takes him.  After all this is a man who just thought let’s bomb Syria because I really like this cake. 

And what this will lead to, without question, is a much worse world by the time Trump leaves office (preferably kicking and screaming as police remove him after he’s been impeached—if and when it comes to that, I vote we send in the cops United used).  Because this kind of insanity will leave things started half-heatedly, leave every area of the world we interact with less stable and more prone to being taken over by terrorists and tyrants, and the economics of the entire global system on a much less firm footing.

And that’s a best case scenario.  As I said North Korea is not a place you want to just randomly attack.  I think the unspoken plan has always been to box them in until a General or someone knocks off the Kims and then offers to turn everything over for a huge payoff at which point the whole world will chip in for the bill.  Not a great plan, but Korea should never have been allowed to get to this point but now that they’re here it’s the plan with the fewest causalities.  Short of that the only way to avoid possibly apocalypse level problems with North Korea is to set out on an all out assault that levels the entire nation and prays nothing gets out.  And while I think Trump may be possible of that kind of genocidal response against a first strike by Kim, he doesn’t have the planning abilities necessary to put those kind of armaments in place.  What we will likely get if Trump actually does attack North Korea, or provoke them to making the first strike, is a massive conflict that will see anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of people die.

So in the final tally Trump has done nothing to make things better, but by now having several nations with large arsenals and unstable nut-jobs as their executives all in a small space with a more tense situation does make things worse.  As the US is not directed toward any goal (like liberty and capitalism, things Trump is very clearly against in all forms) we certainly aren’t going to make things better, because to make things better you have to work toward that goal.  This bombing did not do anything to address the cause of the chemical attacks on civilians and it certainly isn’t working to stop them in the long term.  All that happened to Assad was some buildings he didn’t care about were blown up, but he still has his airfield.  If I were Assad I would be feeling pretty good right now because I would have just been shown that like the last 8 years the next 4ish (I keep hoping to see this ass impeached) will be headed by a man who talks big but doesn’t have the balls to do anything to back up his words. And all we’ve seen is another side of this pathetic excuse for a leader, who knows which face we’ll get next week.


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