Magneto: Agent of Hydra

If my clever title didn’t explain enough, Magneto is apparently teaming up with Hydra because….um….and all this coming from the same liberal nutjob who thought making Captain America a Hydra agent was a good idea. I’m starting to think he has a sickening and unhealthy obsession with Hydra.

In the world of good storytelling Marvel is falling flat on its ass. What was the last good event Marvel did? I would say Children’s Crusade…but it was probably the whole Secret Wars thing because of the different story lines and different earths being represented, like House of M 2.  Since then Marvel has been on a legacy kick where the Scarlet Witch is the daughter of the Scarlet Witch and only she, then, somehow inherited the first Scarlet Witch’s powers and not her brother…and there’s a new Iron Man, who’s a girl and what not.

Other silly decisions were: a more flimsy-and-plot-hole-filled Civil War II, not related to the first one and the X-men being once again on the brink of death, this time thanks to the Terrigen Cloud of the Inhumans. Naturally this means they must fight and thus we have Inhumans vs X-men. Don’t ask.

Some of this could be blamed on Brian Michael-Bendis, or Marvel’s editorial team, and you can bet I do. But there’s another idiot on the scene. Nick Spencer, not to be confused with Richard Spencer. Nick is the guy responsible for making Steve Rogers a Hydra golden boy, and no, that’s not a joke. Captain America is Hydra…well he’s not 616 Captain America, technically. He’s actually from some nazi wet-dream world that Kobik (the sentient Cosmic Cube) created from stories from Uncle Red Skull. If you’re confused…so is everyone else.

Secret Empire will finally reveal to the rest of the Marvel Universe that Cap is actually Hydra Cap and he’s going to be the new head of Hydra. Apparently the Red Skull is just not hard core enough. Marvel has thus released a series of variant covers. “Andrea Sorrentino’s “Hydra Heroes,” which sees heroes like Captain Marvel, Star-Lord, and the Hulk decked out in Hydra-emblazoned uniforms, and Dan Mora’s “Villains of Hydra,” a counterpart that focuses on various Marvel villains” (Source). One of those villains is Magneto, an apparent “Villain of Hydra.” The image above is the cover.

For those who aren’t familiar, Magneto’s real name is Erik Lehnsherr, born Max Eisenhardt, to a Jewish family in Germany, before the second world war. While this was not the original Stan Lee, Jack Kirby origin story, the great Marvel writer, Chris Claremont, added this important bit to his origins. He revealed Magneto to be a Holocaust survivor who was sent to Auschwitz as a kid. For more details of Magneto’s origins, I recommend Uncanny X-men (the Claremont run), and X-men Magneto’s Testaments.  Furthermore, the Red Skull, who is head of Hydra, was a protege of Hitler and not head of the “Nazi’s rogue science division,” like we saw in Captain America: The First Avenger. Red-Skull hates Magneto because he’s a mutant and Jewish and Magneto rightfully hates the Red Skull.

Captain America #367, written by Tom DeFalco (as seen on the left), features a story about Magneto. Well it’s still about Captain America, which isn’t all that relevant. But does reveal that Cap is confused as to whether the current Red Skull is the same as the old Red Skull.

Magneto is a man of action. He bursts into the room where the Red Skull is and demands they talk. Magneto asks if he is in fact the same Red Skull he thinks he is. Being the vile piece of  crap he is, the Red Skull confirms this proudly, that he worked for Hitler and committed atrocities in the name of the “master race.” And not wanting to miss  the opportunity, suggests they bury the hatchet, since they both have the same views really, just different idea of what the “master race” is. Magneto says “The Devil with that, Nazi Scum.”

The Red Skull then escapes. To make a long-story short, Magneto catches up with the Red Skull, who gets knocked out at some point. The Nazi then wakes up in a dark hole. Erik says he should kill the Red Skull, but that this would reduce him to a common killer, which he is not and would make the two the same.

Below are the final few panels of that story. Does this sound like the guy who would team up with Hydra? I dare Nick Spencer to explain that to me.
This is not the end of the two, however, as during the Marvel event Axis, Magneto is put in a concentration camp…on Genosha…by the Red Skull. After he escapes, there is an incredible scene of Magneto beating the Red Skull to a pulp.

Erik is no saint, of course, he has routinely tried to eradicate the human population. But at the heart of it he is a complicated man, in pain, with dubious methods of accomplishing the simple goal of peace and security for the mutant population. Of course that’s just my opinion. He’s gone back and forth too many times to be lumped in the same category as the Red Skull.

For now this is just a variant cover, but not only is Nick Spencer a sad writer, if we can call him one, he is being allowed to write an entire event. We shall see what comes out of this. But I am not optimistic by any means. Marvel’s writing and storylines have declined in recent years and good writers are apparently not being chosen to write books. I am a writer and I would gladly volunteer if only Marvel were to ask. This will not be the first, nor the last time Marvel harps on a Jewish character.

Let’s bring back decent writers who care about the characters and telling a good story over media hype and controversy. Marvel, I await your call.



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