Post 2016…What to do after the worst election in recent history?

Well, crap.  The idiot won.  Doesn’t matter which one, they’re both terrible.

So we can wallow in the fact that for the next four years we have a corrupt idiot in charge who will likely do anything they can to subvert the Constitution.  We can pray the promised meteor of death finally gets here and strikes the White House.  We can stupidly pray for an impeachment and removal that will never come—you know it and I know it, and if we waste all of our resources trying to get an impeachment we’re going to play into their stupid corrupt playbook that will allow them to get everything else they want done (see how Obama got away with shit because morons were too busy looking for scandals instead of actually trying to prevent his policies).  Or hey we can have filibusters and self-serving speeches that do nothing (otherwise known as the Cruz and Paul plan); that plan always works.

Or, just a thought here, we could actually do something that matters.

  1. Stay informed.  That does not mean follow one news source religiously.  If you follow anything less than one “conservative” news source, one “liberal” news source, and one that is as “moderate” as you can find then you’re still probably not doing your due diligence.  Now some of you may lament the lack of unbiased journalism in the modern world, but I hate to tell you this, the unbiased news source is a myth.  It has never existed and never will exist.  Get an RSS reader and fill it up with news sources, news magazines, think tanks, opinion journals and all the like from across the board.  And avoid the worst of the worst.  Brietbart, MSNBC, Fox, the New York Times, Drudge and the La Times, are just trash (unless they reposted on a news aggregator).  If you do not stay informed from multiple sources you will become victim to whatever this or that organization wants to push.  It’s perfectly fine to limit your exposure on to alternative ideas on certain venues like Facebook and Tumblr, you do those things to have fun and relax, but you also need a source of real time information.
  2. You have two options when dealing with progressives and alt-right.  Your first option is to ignore them.  This has its advantages in that it turns them into sputtering idiots when you don’t acknowledge their idiocy gets them to show their truly hateful colors all the faster.  It also takes up less of your time. The other option is that you don’t engage them, you don’t fight them, you set out to utterly and completely destroy them.  If they make a single stupid comment you provide them with a sourced three page destruction not only of their bullshit, but all the assumptions they had to make to come to it.  With progressives and the alt-right, if you choose to engage them, you must take no prisoners, give no quarter.  The goal must be to humiliate them so badly time after time after time that they either crawl back into the hole they belong in or do us all a favor and punch their own ticket.  And unless you’re willing to do the research to ensure that you are qualified to take out this filth, don’t get involved.  And then after destroying them, don’t get bogged down in them being so stupid that they’ll want to deny reality in response.   Face them with all the determination of Ender Wiggin facing a bully and move on.
  3. Do not get into supporting feel good initiatives that do no good.  Filibusters are just fund raising tools on the public’s dime.  Building a wall sounds so nice but it won’t work unless we also have comprehensive immigration reform, and said reform would still be 90% effective without a wall.  Term limits would require a Constitutional Amendment and would yield, at best, absolutely no benefit.  If you’re going to support something, make sure there is a rational reason for supporting it other than it feels good.  Do not support anything that hasn’t been shown to work in other nations or at least on the small scale of state/city implementation.
  4. We have to police our own side even more than we police theirs.  We’re conservatives we have standards, they’re liberals they don’t.  So if they act like a bunch of hypocrites, no shock, if we act out of line and are racist, sexist, hypocritical or just terrible that is worse.  So anyone who tries to pass off gross misogyny as “locker room talk” needs to be beaten into a bloody pulp (preferably verbally and intellectually, but if all other options are exhausted…) as they have no place, no business and no right to be in a party of conservatives.  Some may claim that we will drive people away with this….but for every pieces of shit you drive away you get 3 people who admire you for actually having ethics and standards.
  5. You’re going to hate this, but this country isn’t going to get better until people actually stop relying on the government.  The conservative argument goes that if we get government out of the way then the private sector (both industry and charity) will pick up the slack that government has vacated.  We correctly argue that the private sector can do it better, cheaper, faster and with greater success if only the government would get out of the way.  Well guess what we’re not going to be able to make that argument with most people who have become totally and completely dependent on the government until we actually show it can be done.  In an ideal world the government would move out and the private sector will move in as it moves out—we do not live in an ideal world. Now the business portion might be too difficult, as the money needed for such is often not easily available, but when it comes to charity we all need to do more.  Volunteering to help children/teens learn a new skill, working to improve the charter school your kids go to, helping the poor, helping the elderly or those who need extra medical care, teaching immigrants English.  I honestly don’t care if you do it on your own, through a charitable organization, or through your church.  But you need to do more to help people…I’m sorry we all love animals but we need to show that we can help people, actual human beings, without government being there.  We would all love it if government would leave first, but we can wait for lead to magically turn to gold too, it still won’t happen.  What we have to do is go in forcibly and move government out of the places that only the private sector should exist.  We all have a responsibility for doing everything we can to show that not only does government not need to be in these areas, but that government’s intrusions are already redundant not because the private sector CAN do these things but actually IS doing these things.  Time and money.  You want to get rid of government then you need to put your time and money where your mouth is and actually be the force that makes government pointless.

If there is a main point to this blog, it’s this one.  We need to stop working for government, legislation, politicians, and political organizations to bring the changes we want in this nation.  We need to create that change and then when we have proved that government is the inferior and unneeded alternative then kill it’s waste of our money.

You’re never going to see real change until this one happens.

6.  Civil and non-violent resistance to all government interference in our private and entrepreneurial lives.  If your government is intruding on your life or the lives of someone else do everything in your power to stop it.  If you see a jackass idiot of government official ticket a girl for having a lemonade stand get their ID, take a video and post it, file every single grievance you can, make every last government employee’s life an ungodly living nightmare.  Make it so they are afraid to do nothing but what is required of them.  Look to find which organizations in your area are filing lawsuits against any and all government intrusions.  Support anything that calls for less government power.  Make every single government employee accountable.  And be willing to work with people across the a isle.  They’re not the enemy government intrusion is.  I’ll go for the worst possible example to illustrate a point: Black Lives Matters is a repulsive and racist organization…but they’re right about the need for body cameras on all cops, the need to stop civil forfeiture, and I’m even willing to meet them halfway on broken windows policing as it has gone beyond looking for the signs of bigger problems and has just devolved into government nitpicking idiocy.  We should work with them to achieve those things, not because they’re great people, but because for the moment their ends and ours coincide and will work to all of our advantage to make a world where we are all better off.  We can go our separate ways when we’ve run out of things we agree on.

If you see government officials pushing further than they morally or Constitutionally should you need to be loud in your protest.  You need to shame them.  And if necessary you need to show that they are nothing but tyrants who will use force when none is called for.  I want to reiterate the none is called for part.  Non-violent protest.  It needs to be shown they are nothing but bullies and brutes.

7.  And last but not least give up the social conservative bullshit.  These are things that should be our private lives, dependent on your own conscience and your relationships with God, friends, family and your church.  Government should not be in this.  Yes it’s right to get offended when government gets involved, but our solution shouldn’t be more government just in the opposite direction.  If we instead took a libertarian view on these issues, instead of the traditional big government Progressives for Jesus tack of the Santorums, Cruzs, and Huckabees of the world we would never have been saddled with terrible nominees like Dole, McCain, and the Nazi son of a bitch.

The other idiot could have won (I’ll be honest I wrote this before the weekend and didn’t know which of the pieces of shit would win for sure). Did you notice how I avoided gender specific pronouns and how this article would have worked just as well if things had gone the other way?  We need to avoid being in a situation this terrible ever again.

8.  And if you have the time after all of that to push your elected officials to put in certain policies, it needs to be for limiting the power of government.  Federal power where possible needs to be given back to the states (Departments of Agriculture, Interior, Commerce, Education, Transportation, Labor, HHS, and HUD are good places to start–90%+ of what these Departments do is rightly a state and sometimes local issue).  Funding at all levels needs to be cut—a good place to start is to look at things you personally benefit from, because if you’re not willing to first cut yourself from the dole don’t expect others to follow you in cutting their freebees.  And there needs to be more checks and balances in the whole process.  These are the things that we need to focus on.  Not keeping people out, not protecting jobs that are becoming outdated, and certainly not expanding government power.

These are things we need to do.

And here at EP we’re going to come back to all of these in more detail but these are the broad strokes that we all need to focus on.   Now go find decent news sources to add to your daily reading, find some charitable organization you can help with, and go and actually be the source of the change we want to see this nation or we’re going to go through this shit in another four years again…and again…and again, until we actually learn to change how we do things around here.


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