RIP Grand Old Party

The party that began on the proposition that Liberty is a right for all has fallen to the belief that certain races are superior to others. The party of Lincoln has fallen to the nationalism that pervaded the Confederacy. The party of Coolidge has fallen to those who would use big government to solve any problem. The party of Goldwater has fallen to those who would ignore the Constitution at every turn to achieve their power plays.  The party of Reagan has nominated a tyrant the likes of which the shinning city on the hill was meant to oppose. The Republican Party for all intents and purposes is dead replaced by a party of national socialists and populists and progressives for Jesus.


Now some might say I’m exaggerating, that only a little over a third of primary voters voted for this fascist, and as we all know most of them were Democrats crossing the line or alt-right scum who had never voted before. A fair, just, and quite frankly accurate point. But here is the problem, about another third voted equally stupid non-conservatives like Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina, for progressive for Jesus who would strip all liberties to institution of a a religious dictatorship like Santorum or Huckabee, or, of course, for Trump-lite hacks like Cruz who will wrap themselves in the flag of the Constitution while advocating for its violation at every turn. Nope, this primary showed that the actual beliefs in the Constitution, Liberty, equality under law, capitalism and everything else that America should stand for is not the driving force in this party.

Even if we booted out Trump’s fascists we would still be left with a social conservative block that feels that their piss poor interpretation of the Bible should be enforced upon everyone Liberty and reason be damned.
The GOP as the vehicle for conservatism is dead. So we are left with only three
1. Continue pushing to have the GOP return to its conservative beliefs.
2. Fight to pull conservatives from Democrats, Independents, Republicans, and other smaller groups and form a new party of actual conservatism.
3. Fight to turn the Democrats back into the party of JFK where capitalism and strong dedication to Liberty here and abroad mattered.
I know, I know, Option 3 sounds really stupid…but only from a knee jerk perspective.

We think of Democrats only as bleeding heart liberals. But polling shows the new
generation of Democrats to be open to the free market, open to free trade and let’s be honest here they choose not only the most conservative candidate with a chance to win (Hillary over Bernie) but they choose a candidate more conservative than the Republicans or Libertarians nominated (yes it’s a sick world where a Clinton is your most conservative choice, but it also happens to be a sad fact that she is the most conservative candidate running right now when compared to the big government pot head and a fascist who wants the federal government to take over control of all private business).
I think we’re all kind of hoping for option 2, but interestingly the first step right now for both option 2 and 3 is to just focus on policy.
Focus on free trade and how it is absolute good and the lies of Trump and Sanders are completely without basis.
Focus on free enterprise and capitalism and how it has done more to end poverty and bring prosperity, protect the environment, end corruption, and a host of other benefits than any other method every tried.
Focus on sanity of social issues where the government doesn’t get involved (the bane of both Social Justice Warriors and Progressives for Jesus) where individual are dealt with individually and individuals and the market make choices of how to treat people not the government. The government is there only to protect the basic rights (natural and civil of everyone equally).

Focus on liberty in foreign policy. The expansion of liberty everywhere, and put it that if a few hundred soldiers have to die to stop a tyranny from killing millions than human lives are human lives no matter where they are from and that the cost of a hundred to save millions is a deal.
Make the case for capitalism, conservatism, and liberty.
That will either bring people to the truth.

Whether it manifests as a new party or as the Democrats adopting it in greater numbers and shoving the Sanders supporters over to the national socialist the GOP has become, I don’t care. The title is unimportant. What is important is that we have to work for the good of this nation and humanity to see that there is a party that stands for what is best in American and human nature—that stand for conservatism.
So here on EP you will not see us falling back. We will not be bogged down by this vile spat between the fascist and the liberal. We are going to continue focusing on what is right.


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