NEVER TRUMP: A Call to Action

Now is the time to stop this disaster.  Not just because we know that Trump is a fascist, and we’re not the only ones. We’ve all known for some time that this man cannot under any circumstances ever be allowed near any kind of power over our lives.

But now may not only be the last chance we have to destroy this evil, but it may be the best time.

Trump is in free fall in the polls against Clinton.


It’s not enough for major figures in the GOP to leave or that conservatives are so disgusted by this fascist clown that previously repugnant options are looking palatable in comparison.

It’s not that his campaign is broken and corrupt.  It’s not just that he’s about as left of center as Bernie Sanders and more than one issue.   It’s not just that the movement to take him down is gaining steam, that Consitutionally no delegate is bound to vote for him and his campaign and Speaker Paul Ryan has said that delegates should vote their conscience (a not so subtle “Don’t vote fore Trump”), in the jackbooted Gestapo mentality that undetlies everthing Trump does is trying to bully delegates.

No, it’s not just the pragamitc reasons, it’s the ethical ones as well.

Trump is opposed to everything conservatism and America stand for.  He cannot be the nominee for this or any party and the GOP must oppose him.

So what are we supposed to do? Just sit here and wait for the convention?   Do we wait for someone to get on the floor and make a modern day Patrick Henry ‘Give me Conservatism or Give me Death!” Speech on prime-time TV?

Nope.  If we want conservatism to have a real hope in this nation we have to take a stand now. We have to do everything we can to push the delegates into dropping this loon and picking someone, almost anyone else.  And while we can’t contact the delegates directly we can contact that politicians who will be in contact with those delegates.

First you to find your elected officials at federal and state levels go here.

You’re also going to want to look up your state GOP party, and all state officials (Secretary of State, AG, etc).  And of course contacting the GOP. 

Next you’re going to want to at the very least email them–preferably call them if you have the time (it’s the fate of the Republic you can give an afternoon to this).  If you really want to make it clear, also go their facebook pages/twitter/youtube any and all social media…really make it clear.

Now what are you going to tell them?  Well you want it to be based on principle and not going off half-cocked like, oh I don’t know, Trump.

May I suggest the following (make any edit you feel need to be made for your own beliefs when you send it).

I am a Republican not just because I stand against the Democrat but because I stand FOR certain ideals.  Among these are capitalism not cronyism or protectionism.  For limited government not govenment by fiat.  For due process of law not goverment by the whims of the latest public poll.  For a defense of natural and civil rights not praise of strong men to do whatever he wants.  For a foreign policy centered around denfense of our nation and promotion of liberty around the world not collonialism and praise of tyrants.  For the importance of the individual human life not treating people only by as if they can only be judged as members of groups.

These are ideals I stand for.  Donald Trump not only doesn’t stand for these, he is their antithesis and cannot be allowed to be our party’s candidate.  As a representative of this party I am calling on you to publically an in no uncertain terms call for the delegates at the Republican Natioanal Convention to vote their conscience and vote against Trump.

If you cannot do this then it is clear you do not understand or support conservative ideals that made the Republican party worth supporting.  If you cannot do this simple thing then I cannot support you now or at any time in the future.

Something along those lines.

If every elected officials got a couple hundred or even more of those posts we could easly push enough of them to publically denounce Trump and from there push enough delegates to not vote for him.  We may still lose the election from the chaos that will ensue, but with Trump we were going to lose anyway…at least this way we don’t also lose our party.


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