My Friend, The Communist

Communism is something that many say is a bad, or flawed, idea. They claim that communist nations have never succeeded or end up accepting Stalinism instead.

This is an argument that has been going on for decades now, and many thought it was over. communism poster.jpg

They’re wrong.

Communism is still alive today. And I’m not talking about Cuba or North Korea. I’m talking about American youth.

I have learned that many of the American youth advocate for communism. They read Karl Marx’s book, or at least hear about the idea in their world history class, and think it’s fun to be communist. They look at the thousands of people fleeing communist countries and say ‘Oh, that’s not real communism.’ They believe every person should be equal, no matter their job or skill level or brain power. They support Bernie Sanders.

My friend is a communist and believes wholeheartedly that communism is the way to go for America. He says that while it hasn’t worked in the past, that wasn’t true communism.

So, let’s take a look at the definition of communism, shall we?

Communism is a political ideology of which the goal is to abolish private property and have the workers own the means of production, leading to a classless society. Sounds good, right?

To establish communism, Marx stated that the first step is to establish a strong government that controls everything – from education to wealth distribution. In a world of equality, this all sounds perfect. Every person would be equal no matter what. Vladimir Lenin said that this step realistically is socialism as a government system.

The second step is where it gets a little tricky: abolish said government. Yes, Marx said that in order to achieve communism, there must be no government anymore so that the people own the means of production. This means that people decide their wages and their hours and everything.

In a perfect communist world, every nation would be communist, as well, so there would only be peace as there are no true countries. In modern day Earth, that would never happen. To even have one successful true communist nation would be difficult – look at Revolutionary Catalonia, Anarchist Aragon, Free territory of Ukraine.

When I talked to my communist friend about this and what would happen to the country if they needed to trade with another nation, he replied that they would elect people to be in a position of power to trade with the other nations. Doesn’t this go against the policy of everyone as equal, though? Electing one person to be above the rest and to determine the fate of the country? And what if a country wants to take the land of the communists? What is to stop that nation from doing so?

The thing these communists don’t get is that communism will never work. It goes against human nature. Humans are selfish people. Even if 1 in 50 people are willing to give up their whole life to help others, the other 49 don’t want to. And those 49 will probably be selfish enough to want to take over and control that 1. These nations that tried the first step of communism, never truly got to the second: true and complete communism. And those that did fell due to military conquests.

The world won’t let communism win. As we’ve seen time and again, selfishness always comes into play, and once it’s there, it doesn’t like to go away.

Communism sounds good on paper, but in reality?

Let’s just say my friend and I don’t agree.


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