The Wrong Loyalties

This is a sad day in the history of the Republican Party.

While there have been many sad days, especially in recent months, this is the day where yet another once respectable bastion of conservative principles has knelt before the whims of his party and stood behind Donald Trump. About a week after Marco Rubio made this regrettable decision, Paul Ryan has joined him. Both men have stated similar reasons for doing so: “preserving the unity of the party.” Such loyalty might oft be considered noble, but not in such a time as this.

Trump’s deplorable ideology has not changed, and in many cases has only gotten worse. The damage he will bring to the party and to the country will verge on being a irreparable. I understand the desire Mr. Ryan and Mr. Rubio have to preserve the party that once stood for human rights and outstanding economic principles, but they cannot be excused for supporting someone who is the very opposite of these principles for the sake of party preservation. Perhaps they feel they can play a “long game” here in establishing truly conservative policies by not rocking the boat too much in the party. But principles should outweigh party loyalty every time. The end does not justify the means. In their hope to preserve conservative principles, these gentlemen are playing an active role in destroying them.

It greatly troubles me to see men I once respected, and the party I once loved become this. But it remains true then the course of human events, men no matter what their party must continue to stand for what’s right, even if they stand alone.


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  1. I knew a lot of conservatives were going to come down with Stockholm Syndrome when faced with the choice between Trump and Hillary. Sad, but not surprising. They still feel like they can salvage something from a Trump presidency because, as Jimmy Carter observed, “he’s completely malleable”, and as Trump himself said, “Everything is negotiable.” They’re basically playing dice with the future of the country. Maybe Trump will be better than Hillary, maybe worse. I understand the reasoning, but I find that far too objectionable a thing to support.

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