10 things for Congress to do…because the next 4 years are probably going to suck no matter what

dumb and dumber
So Ted Cruz had one job: Stop Trump from getting 1237 delegates and allow the GOP to pick someone else (hopefully not Cruz either).  But Ted Cruz has a worse at bat record than Mighty Casey, and couldn’t even stay in long enough to prevent the fascist from getting the needed delegates.

So what does this mean.  Well we can pray Trump’s age will come into play and God will call for a one on one discussion with the orange abomination about how terrible an excuse of a human he is.  Or we can always hope that enough delegates just won’t show up to prevent him from getting 1237 or do something to prevent this atrocity.  But putting my faith in the Republican party machine has not exactly been a safe bet this year.

So we are left with a few things that Congress should do to make the next 4 years livable.   Some of these things are things that can be done only with law, and I think if we play to Barry’s ego and general dislike of Hillary we can get him to sign these.  Some of these will require Constitutional amendments, which while a high bar, now might be the best time in the world to get them through.  So here is what Congress needs to do.

1.  We need to realize that Obama, Clinton, and Trump are completely incapable of choosing a good Supreme Court Justice.   Ergo we need to prevent any of them from doing so.   Congress should pass a law lowering the number of Justices to five.  As the remaining eight justices retire and/or die, their positions will not be replaced until we’re down to only four.  Statistically this should leave us in a safe place until 2020 when we can only pray we wake up from our national nightmare and actually nominate someone who isn’t terrible beyond the telling of it.
Yes this comes with the hurdle of having to get Barry to sign it, but again, I think if we play to his dislike of Hillary and Trump we can portray this to him as what is probably best for his own legacy as his picks will be the last ones remembered for years.  Doesn’t mean much in practical terms for his goals but it might mean a lot to the rest of us.

2. War powers for the president need to be redefined.  We need to lower the amount of time that a president has to brief Congress on any military action…given how little I trust Trump or Clinton, let’s say a week at most.  Any actions carried on past that week without Congressional approval need to be clearly defined as illegal and the military code of justice needs to be amended to list following such orders after that week without Congressional authority is a felony crime with a minimum punishment of dishonorable discharge.  Also in the law we will need to make it a crime to punish any soldier who refuses to follow orders based on this principle.  I know that seems harsh, and in the long term possibly even a little detrimental to security, and in some ways it is, but I truly fear Trump with a military and I need to provide cover for the military to disobey orders from this fascist.

3.  We need to change the laws surrounding who can fire the nuclear arsenal and make it so that at least two people (I’m thinking we should add Speaker of the House) have to agree before nuclear weapons can be fired.  I know this sounds a bit paranoid, but Trump is an unstable lunatic who already has a history of lashing out against people and going on truly bizarre tirades against individuals and inanimate objects, the mere thought of him with a nuclear arsenal is something that should make all of us lose sleep.

4.  Congress needs to pass a law that no treaty or congressionally approved foreign agreement can be exited without the consent of the Senate.  You might think this would need a Constitutional Amendment but the office is given “power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided that two thirds of the Senate present concur” no additional power to break a treaty is given, so we need to make it clear that every change to official foreign policy requires two-thirds of the Senate to agree, and that any  previous wiggle room given to the president to break these treaties based on their own judgement is rescinded due to the fact that no matter who is coming in they can’t be trusted to exercise that kind of judgement.

This will prevent Trump from destroying our economy or Clinton just rolling over for our enemies.

5. A permanent Special Prosecutor needs to be set up.  The simple fact is that I think we have seen the need for a higher degree of checks against executive authority and it has become obvious and patently preposterous that any Attorney General can be trusted to conduct investigations into the corruption of the administration they are a part of.
We need a permanent Special Prosecutor, always from the opposition party, with the power to investigate any aspect of the executive branch, the power to subpoena, and the power to convene a grand jury.
This is something we need even after Trump and Clinton are long gone and it could prove to be one of the most effective checks against government abuse we could ever come up with.

6.  If we were really smart we would take every executive department  and put in a five year plan to close as many of them as possible and send their functions to the states.  The Departments of Education, Transportation, Energy, HHS, HUD, Interior, Labor, Commerce, and Agriculture…one could make the argument for just getting rid of them, but I’m fine with just sending them all to the state for the moment.  This would greatly hamper the powers of either of the idiots who will be coming in and probably work out better for all of us.  I realize that even counting the Amendments I’m about to suggest this is the least likely to occur, but it has a better chance to pass right now than at any other time…and who knows maybe we could get parts of it if we made the push.

Okay so those are the things that need to be made into law, and I think you could get bipartisan support and even get Barry to sign them (that last one would be the most difficult but I recognize that it’s a Hail Mary pass that we have nothing to lose by trying)

But there are a few things we’ll need to make some Constitutional changes about as well.

7.  We need to put in an Amendment that every executive order made by the president can go up for review by the Senate and can be overturned by a simple majority.  This includes executive memos that don’t fit the official definition of a executive order.

A bit extreme but this will only lead to less effective and efficient uses of government power, which, is that really a bad thing?

8. States need to be given the power to veto any law passed by Congress.  A threshold of a simple majority of state legislatures should be enough to check government power without bringing the whole system crashing down.

9.  With everything else I’m arguing for in taking away power from the executive, I realize a balance of power must be kept so I will also suggest we give the president the power of line item veto for the budget.   Even Clinton and Trump couldn’t screw this power up, and in the long run it will lead to a smaller government.

10.  Finally we have to move the Posse Comitatus act from merely a law to a full on Constitutional amendment.  To say I don’t trust either of these idiots is an understatement and I want to make it clear that the military is not to ever be used against the American people.

These are the 10 things that Congress needs to do right now before either moron gets into office.  Anything less is just asking for a hellish four years to come.




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  1. Great thoughts. Prepare for Hillary. &@#%!!


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