Zoabi Thinks Israel is 1930’s Germany


It’s weirdly fascinating how out of wack the world can be. Today it seems like everything the media publishes is a load of finely woven trash to make you care about an issue and to make you lean a certain way. Not all media is like that of course. But too often stories are wound out of control and reported with a false factual narrative. The violence in Israel is not exempt from this. In fact its usually at the forefront and politicians, and journalists alike butcher facts for their own gain. Sometimes it’s not articles, it’s people who are too unbelievable to be real.

Remember our illustrious Haneen Zoabi, an Israeli Arab and Knesset Member for over five years now. She is a woman of education, with degrees from University of Haifa and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This is a woman who has had fruitful life in Israel. Now no one is free from criticism, least of all the government of any country. So it is fitting that Zoabi would have a lot to say from her podium. Funny thing is, the words spewing out of her mouth are about as intelligent as those BBC/Al Jazeera articles.

While in Amsterdam..at a Kristallnacht commemoration several months back, sponsored by Left-Wing Jewish and Pro-Palestinian groups, Ms. Zoabi demonstrated her intelligence and keen knowledge of history. This was done while speaking on behalf of the Jewish victims of Kirstallnacht.  I’ll give it a minute for that statement to sink in. Got it? Good.

“During Kristallnacht thousands of Jewish businesses and synagogues were burned, while the Germans remained silent. Today, as the homes of Palestinians are burned, as churches and people are burned alive- the majority in Israel remains silent.” stated Zoabi. Well…last I checked everyone from the Jewish communities to the PM made statements about the firebombing of an Arab neighborhood, during which a child was killed and his parents later passed away from wounds sustained during the fire. No one ignored that this happened. Can she point me in the direction of these churches that were attacked?

The basic summary of her statement is that Israel is Nazi-Germany in the 1930’s.  Except that she has directly benefited from the so called racist Israel. Meanwhile in Nazi Germany, Jews were persecuted, stripped of rights, and treated like second class citizens, and this was just the beginning. The Jerusalem Post and the Times of Israel confirmed on April 20th, that Zoabi was invited to partake in a Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony. She even wrote a letter explaining why she wouldn’t do it.

“You can’t teach the lessons of the Holocaust when you don’t distinguish between the terrifying similarity between what is happening today all around us and what happened in Germany in the 1930’s,” wrote Zoabi. “This is the danger: summary executions, detentions without trial, torture, gag orders, persecuting protesters and political activists.”

Her people then clarified that no, she didn’t say that. Probably lost in translation.

To summarize, this is a woman who was born in Israel, got an education from Israel, in an Israeli university, who is in the Knesset, but still manages to compare Israel to Germany circa Nuremberg Laws. Can anyone name a single Jewish man or woman who was elected to any high position within German during the implementation of said laws? Neither can we.


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