Dawn of Justice: Initial Review—Marvel, Eat Your Heart Out

The Trinity

Okay, so let me say upfront there is a lot to cover in this film.  It is deep, philosophical, layered and just everything a movie should be.  Nolan and Snyder have done for childish cartoon stories what Homer once did for crappy campfire tales: they’ve turned them into real art.  That said, that review is a little off as there is no way to do it spoiler free and I need a couple more showings before I and the few others on the EP staff can delve into the depths of this film properly.

But here is what you need to know.  This movie is great.  Now if you were looking for a stupid cartoon beat down between two superpowers people (as most of the critics who gave this movie a bad review) you’re (A) probably an idiot for missing everything in the trailer and everything in Nolan and Snyder’s previous work and (B) you should just wait for the next Marvel jolt into pointless explosions…this is a thinking person’s film, not just comic book characters beating each other up.

Second this movie wastes almost no time with exposition.  It assumes you can follow the facts presented to you without having to have it explained to you.  It expects you know who Batman and Wonder Woman are.  Who the Flash is.  Aquaman, Cyborg, Lex Luthor (a mixture of the more modern scheming captain of industry and the much older vision of him as a somewhat unstable evil genius), Jason Todd, Alfred Pennyworth, Doomsday and Darkseid.  If you don’t know these characters, look them up on Wikipedia.  The movie assumes that you’re going to see a DC movie and you haven’t been living under a rock.

Visually stunning, superbly acted, and thematically powerful.  This movie is everything I could have hoped for.

And it makes it very clear Darkseid is coming.

As I said I will put up the fuller discussion of this movie’s themes of power, its use and misuse, hope and heroism.  But that is what this movie is about…I didn’t count time but I would be surprised if the fighting in this 2.5 hour film takes up even half an hour.

Oh, and while I’m sure you’ll see it coming, pay attention to the dirt, they don’t you leave you without an answer.


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