Trumpenstine: The Monster Liberals Created

Donald Trump is a monster. 

That alone is no profound statement. At this stage in the game, given all the things he said and done, you’ve either reached the same conclusion, haven’t been paying any attention, or monstrous policy is not something that bothers you.

I am not here today to argue the point that Trump is a monster, but rather to examine exactly who created that monster. You see comics like this:

Or this:

 would have you believe that it was conservatives who created the Trump monster.  While undoubtedly there are a troubling number of “conservatives” currently in the party that helped the process along, The true “Dr. Frankenstein” in this debacle, is the Democrats.

It was the crushing economic policies of Obama et. al. That paved the way for someone like Trump to achieve success. A populist hero who would “create jobs” and “make America great” and “bring real change”. Does any of that sound familiar? It certainly should, considering that it was the basis of Obama’s platform years ago, and now many of the people who voted for Obama have become disillusioned with the entire system.

A troubling theme I’ve discovered among many Trump supporters is that they often times openly acknowledge that his statements and policies are in no way conservative. But for many of them, a radical shift in ideology seems like the only hope for salvation. A galvanizing force that excites and angers. A catalyst for “change” that most people realize in the back of their minds will not come as easily as they wish. But they cheer for it anyway, because humans are very base creatures drawn to simple pleasures and boundless excitement despite our better judgment.

In the liberal culture of increasingly intolerant “tolerance” and rampant political correctness, there is something rather tantalizing about someone who openly offends just about everyone he speaks to. A radical counterbalance for those who feel like they can no longer say what they wish. For some, what they wish to say is bigoted foolishness that is best left silent, such as in the case of the many white supremacists that echo Trump’s vitriol for immigrants and his nationalistic overtones. But there are others who simply wish to have their voices heard, and feel like their government is steadily driving them off a cliff and not listening to what the passengers in the back have to say. Therefore there is a draw for the gradual shift towards liberal socialism in the last eight years to be suddenly and abruptly reverted, even by candidate who touts policies with suspiciously similar infrastructure to the socialist ones provided by the Democrats.

Wise people realize that change takes time. Just as the devastation brought on by the Obama administration happened gradually, its repair will take work and dedication from the next president. The next president, regardless of who he is, cannot simply wave his wand to solve every problem, especially ones he was never meant to solve in the first place. A president is to create a place where jobs can thrive, not to “create jobs” himself by increasing tariffs and trying to limit free trade, as Trump wishes to do. 

Populists are very shortsighted individuals. Then look for immediate solutions where they do not exist. They rally behind any candidate who says what they wish to hear and they do not require any thorough explanation on how the candidate is to do these things, most likely because any explanation would be insufficient. The details are immaterial and only served to cloud the narrative. The populists proudly declares “my mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the facts.”

People voting for Trump because they think he will give them jobs is no different than people voting for Bernie because they think he will give them free college. Both empty flaccid promises from insincere mouths that know their target audience. There is little doubt Trump is a monster, but he is a monster born of the liberal instant gratification philosophy. The “give me what I want now regardless of the consequences later” mantra. The Liberals have a lot more to answer for regarding the existence of Trump than they would like to believe.


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