Made Dames – Basic Etiquette for the New Year

Welcome to Made Dames! Where the facts are made up and the logic doesn’t matter. Just kidding. We like to infuse facts with some sarcasm and wit.

In this episode, the Dames discuss basic etiquette for social media. Below are the 10 rules we talked about on the show.

Ten Basic Rules for Social Media Etiquette
1. Don’t do soft cyber stalking. (Liking all the things!)
2. Don’t subtweet/post when you can directly contact the person.
3. Be aware that people have lives. Therefore, if a post/pic/article/tweet is not catching fire like you thought, it’s not personal.
4. Your FB page is your own, however, try not use it as your personal diary.
5. Pinterest is not reality. Perfection is boring and a lie. So, stop being perfect and don’t be afraid to be real.
6. On the heels of #5, don’t be morose all the time. Life is about balance. Show you have some.
7. When engaging in friendly debates, even not so friendly ones, put on your big girl/boy pants and avoid name calling and personal attacks.
8. When posting selfies, do yourself a favor and CHECK THE BACKGROUND before posting!
9. If your want to make friends, or more, with a woman you find interesting, engage her in conversation, but keep it light, friendly, and topical.
10. Remember you aren’t the most fascinating person ever goes a long way towards not coming off as a douchecanoe. In a world of Kardashians and Kanyes, be an Audrey Hepburn or a Keanu Reeves.

Hope you like our list. Thank you for all your support and watching us throughout this year.

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Have a safe and blessed New Year!


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  1. Liking all the things!

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