The Willfully Ignorant Evil of Supporting Donald Trump

I think we all know that Trump supporters are scum of the Earth. A “deeply bigoted” creature that has no place in American public life.

Not that liberals didn’t have a hand in creating him.  They have overused the word racist so much that everyone now thinks calling someone a racist is just a cheap shot you use when you have no argument.  So when an actual racist shows up on stage…idiots who only know how to use knee jerk responses think that.

Of course when a man says Mexicans are all rapists (“Somebody’s doing the raping”) (to hell if FBI crime stats show that in this case it is fairly balanced by ethnicity)NCFS-Table.jpg

That “Laziness is a trait in blacks.”

Who has a histrionic fear of China and the Chinese (more on this later).

Whose bigoted behavior is not limited to race, but religion as well to the point where not only does he suggest shredding the Constitution to put a religious test on whether or not you get into this nation and feels comfortable using anti-Semitic stereotypes when talking to a Jewish group (while saying it’s Israel’s fault that we don’t have peace in the Middle East by saying Israel will have to make more concessions and further bend over backwards to the evil of terrorism).

The man is unquestionably a racist and a bigot.  There are hundreds of statements to prove this.  It’s not just wearing blinders, you have to have gouged out your eyes and punctured your ears with an ice-pick not to notice this.  And yes liberals have watered the terms racist down, but that does not excuse the obvious racism and bigotry of this man.  There are real racists out there.  Donald Trump is one of them.

But then it’s gotten so bad that the defense of this trash is reaching even vaguely respectable sources of commentary and news.  For instance the article The Imaginary Fascist Menace Of Donald Trump by Scott Greer at The Daily Caller

Greer mocks people who think Trump is a fascist…which is odd because Greer actually provides a handy definition of fascism

“It would all be quite ridiculous if the fascist accusation wasn’t percolating through the entirety of our public discourse. Fascism — for those who might be unaware of its definition outside of a synonym for dictatorial jerk — is typified by extreme nationalism, belligerent militarism, authoritarian government and, depending on the national version, some form of racism.”

So let’s see the list is extreme nationalism, belligerent militarism, authoritarian government, some form of racism.

Well as pointed above we clearly have the racism factor in there.

So let’s see if there is there are any other of the points present in what Trump is shoveling.

Nationalism, defined by Webster’s as:


A more practical definition might run thus:

Nationalism is the belief that your country is great no matter what.  That the land, the people, the race, is superior not for what they have done or achieve but just because they are great.  It is an inherently racist belief that even if other nations did what you did they would not be as great.  It is also justification for any evil because while a patriot is more than willing to believe their nation can do wrong when they drift from their values or ideals, a nationalist will justify any evil because their people can do no wrong.  Compare this to patriotism, the love and pride of a nation because of what it has done, what it stands for and its ideals.  It is a belief that if any nation, any people, any group or culture adopted the things that make us great they would also achieve the same level of greatness.

So the question is does Mr. “I’m going to make America Great Again” demonstrate nationalism or patriotism?  Well there is no question that his economic theories on China’s currency manipulation (which isn’t even a millionth of the threat he portrays it as) and with China in general as he seems to be stuck in a 17th century mercantilist perspective of seeing economics as a win-lose gain; if China wins we lose…regrettably for Trump in 1776 Adam Smith published Wealth of Nations which showed that in free market transactions BOTH sides win239 years of economic evidence and study has shown Adam Smith was right and Trump is over two centuries behind the times.


But it’s not just China…because Trump also says that immigrants (legal and illegal) are stealing American jobs.  Basically that only Americas should have the right to compete for jobs—a patriot would believe in capitalism and the Americans through work can always get good jobs, and if non-Americans can present a capitalistic advantage and get the job, good for them, because we as Americans believe in capitalism.  A nationalist only cares about getting Americans jobs; it doesn’t matter if you have to trample on the core economic principles of America to protect those jobs.  So Trump is clearly a nationalist in this respect.

He’s also an idiot as I cannot find a single serious economist who thinks free trade, competition and immigration steal any jobs…despite the lack of any economic evidence of that point. But why should economic facts get in the way of good nationalist trash.

As to patriotism…well I’ve yet to see an ounce of understanding of America’s ideal (actual capitalism as opposed to Trump’s cronyism, meritocracy, justice, work-ethic, rule of law) let alone love for them.  A lot of love for himself…but never America.  (And the feeling seems to be mutual with America and it’s emblems hating this bastard just as much as he shows his clear contempt for everything America stands for on a daily basis.) tumblr_nz5hmimzMF1u3lvimo1_500.gif

So I think it’s safe to say that he’s a nationalist.

So the next point on our list is belligerent militarism.
You’d think that this would be a difficult point to prove as Trump’s usual discourse on foreign affairs is “It’ll be great.  I’ll solve everything.  It will be the best, the biggest, the classiest foreign policy you’ve ever seen.  Trust me.”   Although it does rise to the level of drunken posturing you’d maybe hear down at a dive bar with statements like “I’d bomb the hell out of the oil fields.”  One can only assume by the strict attention to detail he demonstrated in running his businesses into the ground “bomb the hell out of the oil fields” will result in many oil fields held by our allies and possibly a few hospitals also being leveled in the process.


But despite not even having a toddler’s understanding of foreign relations Trump actually has made this one oddly specific comment on foreign issues.  Specifically this odd comment, which he has repeated more than once, is that he is going to take over the Iraqi oil fields, nationalize for the US and use the proceeds to fund his version of the war on terror.

If a return to 19th century colonialism doesn’t count as “belligerent militarism” I don’t know what does.

Next up we have authoritarian government.
Let’s see you have unconstitutional religious tests to get into the nationWarrantless surveillance of houses of worship.   Registration of specific minority groups Praise for FDR’s internment of the JapaneseRevoking treaties with foreign nations without consent of CongressAnd his immigration plan calls for stopping all payments by illegals back to their family members in their home nation…which would require complete government oversight of every bank transaction no matter how small and the government opening and inspecting all mail going to international destinations (not to mention a lot of searching at the border).
And dare we forget the speed he suggests he can get every illegal deported would require suspension of all due process.

Did I forget anything?
Oh how could I forget the Gestapo “deportation forces.”

Exactly which of these proposals (all of which are grossly unconstitutional), do not strike Greer as “authoritarian”?

I count at least 9 Constitutional Amendments and the first three articles of the Constitution being violated here.  This is about as textbook as you can get for authoritarian.

But you know what maybe Greer is just a moron (maybe?).

In a Bloomberg piece   “Trump Is Scary, But Not ‘Fascist’ Scary,” Megan McArdle also tries to dispel the fascist accusation.

She points out for instance that “Classical fascism is obsessed with tradition and secret knowledge, “

Because talking about how great America used to be but isn’t doesn’t hark back to tradition, and claiming you have secret plans to seal the border, negotiation with China and Russia, fix the economy and end ISIS but can’t share them with anyone certainly doesn’t count as secret knowledge.

(Seriously do these writers even think when they type these sentences?  They’re defining Trump in every way possible when they bring up their definitions of fascism)

Or this sentence “Actual fascists, let us remember, were born out of a brutal world war”  Really?  So if it’s not from between 1920-1945 it’s not fascism?  So it could have all the actions and ideology of fascism but because it’s not in that time frame?  I don’t know how much this writer gets paid, but it’s too much.

“Nor is he operating in a weak state with a short and spotty democratic history. The U.S. government has ticked along for going on 250 years,”
Oh yeah, because the after 7 years of Barry, 8 years of dim George, 8 years of corrupt Bill, and 4 years of the idiot father, we’re the strongest we’ve ever been.

Is this seriously an argument?  “Because we’re doing so great Trump isn’t a fascist. ”

Oh, and the US has survived for “250 years” (I didn’t know it was 2026 already) so now the US can survive for all time without worry, we hit the magic 250 mark, everything will be good until eternity.  Whew, that’s a relief.  Someone go tell Brutus and Cassius not to worry, the Roman Republic stood for 465 years before Julius came to town, something that old couldn’t ever fall…nothing to worry about.

The rest of us, or at least those us not clearly suffering from serious mental defects, probably can recall Reagan’s warning that liberty is never more than one generation away from being lost.Reagangereration

Or this point “ the problem with fascists is that they had a tendency to go on killing sprees against neighbors,”  So because Trump hasn’t gone on a mass killing spree he’s clearly not a fascist.  Remind me how many millions Hitler and Mussolini killed before coming to power?  None.  Really?  Well I guess they weren’t fascists.  And because his mass deportation of 11 millions people at the hands of a slipshod deportation squad up to government standards doesn’t even remotely have the chance of killing a few million in the rush to shove everyone out.

What’s worse about this article is that it says we shouldn’t ever worry about America becoming like the Sinclair Lewis novel It Could Never Happen Here….and their argument is basically because “it could never happen here.”  The lack of self-reflection that went into using a title chiding people for their naiveté and then demonstrating that naiveté point for point is just staggering.

Now I think both articles failed to also talk about how fascism was in all cases based on a cult of personality.  Which we know Trump meets as well.

Now the one point that would be intelligent to bring up, that neither one did, is that fascists movements always came with brown-shirted thugs that beat down any opposition even before the party came to power.  And while Trump’s followers have several times beaten people up it doesn’t rise to the level of what happened in the 1920’s and 30’s.  But they are just as vicious in their attack online who dares disagree with their god-king.

In the age of social media is this the same as brown-shirt intimidation?  Maybe, maybe not…but they both come from the same bully mentality.

But despite the fact that he actually does meet a lot of the criteria for a fascist on paper, in the end the problem is not Trump.  First, because, even if by some act of Satan, Trump did become the nominee he wouldn’t win.  His team is too incompetent and  too many conservatives will simply not vote for him…many will even take a look and say that in a choice between the fascist who might very well start WWIII and a corrupt witch who can if nothing else be trusted to want to live to enjoy her ill gotten gains, decide that preventing the world from being burnt to a cinder is a good call, hold their noses and vote for Hillary.


Yeah they’re so different.  I’m sure it will a big difference that one has an R next to their name.

But Trump’s not the problem.

Trump’s an idiot.  Even among the rich and powerful they’re a dime a dozen.

The problem is that so many are following this sack of shit.

That so many have abandoned the basic tenets of Classical Liberalism, capitalism, justice, truth, hope, reason to follow a petty wanna-be-despot is truly pathetic.

And it’s compounded by as sizable a minority on the left following just a petty nationalist thug who I can’t even say is offering anything different but because he’s running for a different party people see them as diametrically opposed when in fact they’re nearly identical.  What worse is that it appears the Klan and Neo-Nazis are actually using this man to run effective recruitment drives.

Trump supporters

Typical Trump supporters.



It’s frightening that so much of the nation has forsaken everything this country is supposed to stand for–I loathe most liberals, but most of the time they’re misinterpreting the values of America if not completely throwing them out the window as Trump and Sanders supporters are doing–this is worse than it usually gets.

Now I realize the entire Southern portion of the nation also said to hell with what America stood for…and a mere 80 years ago this nation elected just as petty a tyrant FOUR! times…and we rose from the ashes each time.

But I would just love it if we could learn this lesson, and not have to repeat the same lesson and suffer the same evil over and over again.  But regrettably those who embrace the fascist tendencies of Trump show that we still need to learn what America really stands for and have work to do in stamping out the evil that drives Trump’s campaign.


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  1. There’s nothing unconstitutional about Trump’s proposed Muslim ban. Plenary power doctrine.

    • ” Plenary power doctrine.” Do you even know what that is? It is a power that a branch or person can not be called on, held accountable for, or is up for review (i.e. Congresses ability to make it’s own rules, the President’s power to grant pardons). The First Amendment guarantees the right of religious freedom, the 14th Amendment guarantees that all government at all levels, for all purposes must adhere to things like the First Amendment. See Zadvydas v. Davis for proof that immigration is not an absolute plenary power.
      So you’re wrong, it is unconstitutional. You should be glad it is. Because if the government had the right to say which ideas are acceptable and which aren’t it wouldn’t only be ethical to deport to you Antarctica it would be legal.

  2. There are so many blatant lies and holes in this rant that it has as much credibility as a grocery store tabloid with the headlines “my mother was abducted by aliens and lived to tell about it.” There is enough to criticize about Trump without creating fiction. This just discredits you and your integrity. Start over, do honest research, and try again.

    • And yet you don’t list a single one…probably because the only lie here is that there are lies. There is no fiction here, he’s a fascist. And perhaps you could learn to follow a link because this is researched, and unlike your defense of Trump it is honest.


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