Violence In Israel: The Breakdown


A Jewish man carries a baby injured in a stabbing attack in the Old City of Jerusalem on October 3, 2015. A Jewish family was stabbed while walking near the Lion's Gate in the Old City. The father died of his wounds. The terrorist was shot down by police. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

A Jewish man carries a baby injured in a stabbing attack in the Old City of Jerusalem on October 3, 2015. A Jewish family was stabbed while walking near the Lion’s Gate in the Old City. The father died of his wounds. The terrorist was shot down by police. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Violent attacks in Israel. Oh, is it that time of year again? Sure, but this time its not Gaza and southern Israel. For the first time in years extreme violence has irrupted in the holiest of Jewish cities: Jerusalem.

The world, is of course reacting like it normally does blaming Israel for the crime of gosh darn-in, not just letting terrorists kill them. This time it is not rockets being sent over except now its that too. This time it is stabbings where we find the majority of the danger. Stabbings, yes, people are getting stabbed left and right, a Rabbi is dead, kids are left without parents and others have been killed or injured because of terrorists….oh, I mean…uh…”freedom fighters” and “innocent children” gunned down by the “brutal Israeli Army.” Mind the quotes. These Palestinians have not identified themselves as being part of a specific movement or terrorist group.

How did all this start? Are Israelis to blame for this? Nope. So who is? First round went to President-for-life Mahmoud Abbas who declared before the United Nations that the Palestinians, (most likely Fatah and non-affiliated Palestinians since Hamas never care about any deal) were no longer bound by the deal that was reached, known as the Oslo Accords. This was actually two agreements signed by Yasser Arafat (head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, now just the Palestinian Authority) and the late Yitzhak Rabin, who was Prime Minister at the time, in 1993, and 1995. The accords were presided over by then president, Bill Clinton.

OsloThe details of the agreement according to the Knesset were that Israel would withdraw from specific territories such as Gaza, Judea and Samaria, in order to give the PLO the ability to govern over those areas until a full on peace agreement could be reached (Source). The other part of this deal was Israel recognizing the PLO as representative for the Palestinian people, while the PLO “denounced” terrorism and supposedly recognized Israel’s right to exist and that after five years they would reconvene talk refugees, Jerusalem and other issues (Source 2). Yeah…that lasted about two seconds…maybe three. Abbas rejecting the deal completely means that he is free to go back to…um..doing exactly what they were already doing just more out in the open. Targeting Israelis, supporting terrorism, and not recognizing Israel’s existence. But the deal has been null in void for years since neither Hamas nor Fatah are interested in any kind of actual peace with Israel. We now, once again return to the question of Jerusalem. Oslo was part one. Part two stems from a long-standing problem in Jerusalem, the Temple Mount.

The Temple MountTemple Mount is sacred to Jews and Muslims for different reasons.  For Jews, the lower walls that surround it date back to the second temple. It is also the spot where Abraham almost sacrificed Isaac. It is around this place that King Solomon built the first temple and 70 years after the Babylonians destroyed it the Jewish population rebuilt it and it was destroyed again by the Romans.

In 638 AD following the Muslim invasion Caliph Omar ibn al-Khattab ordered a great sanctuary of prayer to be built around it (Source 3).

For Muslims, the Temple Mount is a sanctuary and the third most holy place,after Mecca and Medina, because it is where Mohammed, accompanied by the Angel Gabriel rose to heaven. Just to clarify, Mohammed died in Mecca, but his spirit rode on a horse, with Gabriel by his side all night to what is referred to as the “Throne of G-d” where he then rose to heaven, that is of course after he parked his noble steed at the Wailing Wall (thus marking it as a Muslim Holy site too). Next to this noble sanctuary is the Al Aqsa mosque.

Since control of the Temple Mount was given to the Palestinians Jews have had limited opportunities to go up there and practically no opportunities to pray, else face the police and arrest. Jews, being a generally determined people have refused to bow down to this and have continuously attempted to go up and pray and practice their faith. To summarize: Muslims see Temple Mount as holy site, allowed to pray and visit freely. Jews, see Temple Mount as holy site, not allowed to pray or go near it.

Rejection of the already thrown out Oslo Accords and Palestinian distaste for Jews having a claim to the Temple Mount has sparked this violence. Now some, like Secretary of State John Clueless Kerry believe that Israel’s continuous construction of homes in Judea and Samaria has led to this latest spark of violence. Settlement building has been the slowest in recent years with constant settlement freezes. So how can a project that’s barely moving be responsible for this violence?

The violence began with usual bursts of rock throwing which seemed to become a norm and escalated to violent and brutal stabbings. Hamas, not to be out done by their rival Fatah decided to join in on the “fun” and fired off some rockets.

The Jerusalem Police have began to take strong measures against the terrorists in Jerusalem, by shooting them. In some cases fatally. The IDF are also in the city and additional check points have been set up which have already stopped a couple of terrorists (Israel National News). The Palestinians claim that this is some form of collective punishment and a result of growing tensions. Tensions are always high between Israel and the PA, Fatah, Hamas, etc. This is just the latest excuse.

As usual Mahmoud Abbas is more than happy, as is Hamas, to praise the terrorists and encourage further violence, including blaming the IDF for killing a thirteen year old terrorists, who as it turns out is actually alive and being cared for in an Israeli hospital, by Israeli doctors and nurses. Other terrorists have indeed been killed while attempting to kill Israeli citizens.

The world is of course not bothered by the attacks against Israelis. BBC and other left-wing news sources seemed to

Mahmoud Abbas: "We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem..."

Mahmoud Abbas: “We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem…”

have forgotten the word terrorism and have twisted the stories coming out of Israel to, once again, paint Israel as the bad guy.  Abbas’s comment, seen left, paints a true story of what type of mentality Israel is living in. Give it another couple of days and the UN will have passed a resolution condemning Israel’s “disproportional”  and “over the top” response to terrorism.  It will then call for an investigation and Israel will be accused of a committing war crimes. This is the cycle and will continue until Israel finally puts its foot down.

If the Palestinians are no longer bound by the Oslo Accords fine, why should we be? They don’t want the Oslo deal fine, let’s take back Jerusalem and let’s get back to building those homes. This cannot continue.  Now the violence has reached Joseph’s Tomb and it will only get worse until the Palestinians finally see serious consequences for these acts of violence. Hamas has now declared a Day of Rage . Peaceful solutions are just as far away as they always have been and something needs to be done to protect Israelis from terrorism.


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