The Intern–wait for Netflix

20150929060100!The_Intern_PosterI’ll be honest.  I dislike going to see comedies in the theater…not because I dislike comedies, but because I have lost all faith in Hollywood to make good comedy, and I don’t like to waste my time.  There was a time when Hollywood gave me puns, wit, cleverness, high comedy and visual gags that actually took some thinking to get. Now all I seem to get are movies that would make Shakespeare (who was never above a flatulence joke) groan at how bad and low class they are.  But I got talked into going into seeing The Intern because it looked like it had potential.

The idea is that a rapidly growing startup online, led by hideously overworked CEO Anne Hathaway* has started a Senior Intern Program (I’ll be honest I’m more fascinated by the line that there has been research about bringing senior citizens in as interns being beneficial to companies…the line of logic is there but I’m curious if this has actually been done and studied)**.  In come Robert De Niro’s character a retired executive and widower who just needs something to do. He becomes the intern for the CEO, becomes a mentor/friend/assistant as she struggles to balance the needs of her company, her family, and the fact that her investors are requesting she bring in someone with more business experience to run the company which is growing faster than anyone could have predicted.

First let me sing it’s praises.  The movie was funny, and had some beautifully crafted scenes and lines. De Niro is charming and endearing, Hathaway is excellent as always.

Okay praises are over.

The film while funny isn’t a film.  It’s like watching skits or episodes of a web sitcom strung together.  The sections did not flow into each other and thus there was very little emotional connection from one moment to the next.  Then there was the fact that the the character of Hathaway’s husband looks like a Hipster asshole.  And he is.  Which brings us to the ending.  For the sake of spoilers I won’t explain why, but Hathaway stays with her husband at the end of the movie—This was a mistake and utterly ruined my enjoyment of the whole film.  And worst of all any business person is going to be driven insane by Hathaway’s character’s inability to delegate and not micromanage…she grows a lot as a character but never gets over these particular problems and thus her company is still going to go belly up even if the not so business savvy writer/direct doesn’t realize this.

Good try Hollywood you actually has some good humor…but you forgot to have a good movie around it.
Grade C.

*I’m just going to say you don’t know how many sentences I deleted in the drafting of this blog that include a pun about a CEO who does not hath a way.  I make no apologies for puns, no matter how bad…they just never seemed to fit all that well.
**You should begin to see where my review of the quality of the film is going when I start talking about research about best business practices.


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