Hotel Transylvania 2: Relatively Spoiler Free Review.

What is a movie that is fun for kids and adults, will keep you laughing and is the only thing saving Adam Sandler’s career from being flushed down the toilet? If you guessed Hotel Transylvania you are correct. If you think the sequel….you are also correct.

Sony Pictures Animation and Columbia Pictures proudly present the sequel to the funny and entertaining monster flick, Hotel Transylvania. The first film was about finding your Zing, coming of age, and realizing that kids do eventually grow up and that even if they don’t grow up the way you want to, they’re still your kids. The sequel is about learning accept that which is odd and strange and just plaid freaky about your family, or plain normal.

This sequel opens up the world we got a glimpse of back in 2012. It all begins at Johnny and Mavis’s wedding.  We meet Johnny’s family and get a new perspective on culture shock and family craziness. We also get to see not only how human interact with monsters, but how the monsters view the humans. Adam Sandler delivers as Dracula, and if his previous film is any indication, maybe he should just stick to voice acting.

What is fun and unique about this movie is the balance between adult and kid humor,and by that I mean that for the most part there seems to be more jokes for the adults, including a reference to another monster flick that most kids have probably never heard of. This movie turns adorable with the addition of Asher Blinkoff, in the role of Dennis, Mavis’s and Johnny’s son. The actor, who is a kid himself gives life and personality to the character, complementing the excellent animation of the film.

All the gang is back, including Wayne, Griffin, Frankenstein, Murray, and of course all the wolf pups, the zombies, the crazy shenanigans and abandonment issues of Dracula and the introduction of Vlad, voiced by the legendary kind of comedy and political incorrectness, Mel Brooks. This film will leave adults and children laughing on the floor, holding their ribs in laughter. It’s cute and silly and pokes fun at a few things we experience or have seen in our own lives.

For Adam Sandler, who’s last movie was a colossal waste of time, money and effort, this is a big step forward from it. The two animated films in this series are fun and steer away from the repeated tropes of Sandler’s films. Perhaps Sandler’s zing lies with animation and children’s films instead of making his own poorly written travesties. If his future films are anything like Hotel Transylvania he is sure to have more hits on this hands.

Final Grade: A- 


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