GOP Primary Debate Coverage: Bingo Cards and Live Podcasts

We have two special things for you for this debate.

The first is GOP Primary Bingo. Cris, our entertainment editor, along with our writing staff, have created bingo cards for all the candidates and you can find them on the Elementary Politics tumblr page, along with the rules for the game.

Some of our writer’s suggest making this a drinking game. I cannot in good conscience do any such thing, because I don’t want to be responsible for the cost of getting your stomach pumped…but if you do decide to do so, drink responsibly!

The second is that the Two Conservative Lesbians podcast (hosted by the executive editor of EP and one of the writers) will be live tweeting both the 5pm and 9pm debates on their twitter account  as well as hosting a live show on Spreaker (you’ll find the link to the show on the twitter account, it will be posted when we are about to go live) after each debate to talk about their scores for the candidates and how they feel the debate went.

You can watch the debates on Fox News or on (the live stream requires that you log in using your cable provider information, so make sure you have that) starting at 5pm Eastern (for the spare candidates who didn’t make the cut for the official debate) and 9pm Eastern for the official debate.


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