Why Are You Hitting Yourself: The Joy of Watching Liberals Prove Themselves Wrong

Watching a liberal’s argument self-destruct under the weight of his own bullsh…sorry this is a family website.

Bullcrap, there’s the word, is one of the greatest pleasures in my life.

It happens often, as you might suspect. Their bull crap weighs a lot and, structurally speaking, their arguments aren’t that sound.

Recently I watched the destruction of an argument involving the myth that the “Republicans and Democrats switched parties during the Civil Rights era” which inadvertantly meant that they lost several Democratic presidents that they love…including FDR. The dead silence from the after I pointed that out was hilarious.

Anyway, it happened again just recently while I was reading an article the other day about an event earlier this month where the same thing happened.

The liberals shot their own talking points in the face.

Our adviser called her supervisor out of a meeting he was in, and had us explain once more what we were tabling for. His response was even more negative, and his warnings even more extreme: Our “murder-free zone” posters were not only triggering, but “libelous” and dangerous.

With no degree of irony, the supervisor claimed our posters were so inflammatory that they could get us physically attacked by another student.  Apparently there exists a large number of pro-murder partisans at Portland State.

Though conceding our posters didn’t remotely violate university policy, our adviser and her supervisor strongly recommended we contact campus security and have an officer at the scene to protect us from the supposedly high likelihood of a violent reaction from our fellow students.

The College Fix

Photo via campusfix.com

Photo via campusfix.com

Yeah, you heard that right. A “murder free zone” sign was considered to not only be ineffective at stopping murders, but actually might cause more violence because of it’s placement.

The sheer lack of self-reflection needed to make that statement, especially to a group trying to point out the ineffectiveness of “Gun Free Zones”, is staggering.

It’s also very telling that it’s the pro-gun rights individuals that seem to be the ones needing protecting, while I doubt that any group advocating gun control at Portland University would be told they needed a campus security presence at their table to protect them.

So who are the violent ones here? Legal gun owners or people who don’t give a crap about following the law?

I think Portland State answered that question for us.


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