Ant Man: A Small Adventure With a Big Heart

Rarely comes a long a movie that’s simple and just for fun. In the epic world of Marvel such a film has not been seen since the earliest days of Phase 1. Until now that is.

Ant Man is not a strong and gritty epic by any means, nor is it a hugely action packed move like previous Marvel films.  Despite this, and various delays with the movie, it is a fun adventure for the whole family. It is reminiscent of the first Iron Man and packs a lot of fun moments everyone will enjoy. Its a lighthearted experience.

Scott’s daughter Cassie played by the adorable Abby Ryder Fortson

What you can expect to find is a heart warming story about a man who’s lost his way and finds it thanks to an odd man named Hank Pym, played by Michael Douglas.  Scott Lang, played by Paul Rudd, the reluctant hero of this story is not interested in fame, or saving the world, or even to protect himself. The recently released con wants one thing, to spend time with his daughter Cassie.

But its not easy being a convicted felon, regardless of the kind of crime committed or the amount of time served. Scott tries to go straight before returning to a life of crime. Hank Pym sees something in him and asks for his help to stop a weapon from being released based on his designs and sold to the highest bidder by his former protege.

Here Scott learns to talk to Ants, learns that different types of ants have different jobs and capabilities, and learns that he can do something good….with his own personal army.

The acting on all accounts is very well done, the cast is wonderful, from Abby Ryder Fortson to Michael Douglas. The writing is surprisingly good despite a plot hole or two. The film is cohesive and well threaded even with all the changes that were going on behind the scenes.  It also remains relatively autonomous from the rest of the shenanigans of the Marvel Universe, while remaining current with the world. This is a big strength for the movie; its ability to stand by itself.

The fighting choreography, particularly with the size changes going on between Scott’s Ant Man and the antagonist Yellow Jacket, is excellent and very well done. The shifting dynamics were a new type of fighting and worked exceptionally well.

If this film is a success it opens up the window for less popular heroes to grace the Marvel Cinemagic Stage. With movies like Inhumans and Black Panther coming out, their success and that of Ant Man will help to give the lesser known heroes a chance at the MCU.

Final rating: B


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