Some Feminists Just Want to Watch the World Burn


2015 has been a fairly great year for the Geek Community. We finally had a glimpse of the new Star Wars movie (Jar Jar free), Game of Thrones is still driving everyone insane, and Jurassic World is due out soon. Sadly this has also been a tough year for us. Ours is the most recent community to fall prey to the absurd allegations and brutal attacks of the modern feminists. It struck me today, we have been infiltrated by a horde of Mary Sues.


For those not familiar with the term allow me to cite Urban Dictionary:


A female fanfiction character who is so perfect as to be annoying… A Mary Sue character is usually written by a beginning author. Often, the Mary Sue is a self-insert with a few “improvements” (ex. Better body, more popular, etc).


Basically she is a character who is notoriously annoying to everyone but the author and her friends. Believing herself to be perfect beyond reason, high above reproach, the victim everyone wants to coddle, and the champion everyone wants to hoist on their shoulders in celebration (granted she has given approval to be touched). Now, who does that sound like?


Feminists have become the Mary Sue of pop culture. With each TV show, movie, and video game there is at least one sour faced, know it all waiting to call it sexist and demand they create a character that resembles her. While at Phoenix Comic Con this weekend I took the opportunity to ask fellow geek enthusiasts about recent allegations and confirmed what most sane people know to be true: the claims of sexism, patriarchy, etc. have mostly come from outsiders. The majority of geeks, nerds, and dorks had a similar response to questions about Black Widow being labeled a slut by her co-star and the so-called reversal of her role from super spy to weepy woman, the claim that Jurassic World is reverting back to traditional gender roles of the 70s (yeah cause there were so many female scientists running entire labs in 1970 films), and if it was possible for there to be a strong female character who could be a superhero and still have the feelings and desires of her gender. Most people didn’t have a firm opinion and simply commented, “Oh, is that a thing?” or “Don’t we have female characters like that already?”


No group poses a greater threat to women in pop culture than the feminists. These are the people who claim women can do or be anything they want, yet refuse to see our gender as capable of dual roles. Black widow can be a superhero but if she wants anything more from life or has regrets about the choices she has made then she instantly becomes unworthy of the feminism seal of approval. Warrior or wife (a word constantly shifted into italics so you can’t possibly miss the feminist blogger rolling her eyes at such a quaint notion).


There are constant demands for positive female characters, however we already have a slew of them! Natasha Romanoff, Peggy Carter, Buffy, Princess Leia, all of the women in Firefly, Wonder Woman, I could in fact go on but you get the idea. We have a plethora of positive, strong women, however the moment they show a hint of weakness or humanity the feminists deem them undeserving of respect. Zoe Washburne of Firefly is a war veteran, thief, and dominant wife. Yet the moment she makes soup for her husband after he has been kidnapped and tortured she becomes a negative role model. Goodness knows little girls shouldn’t have any inclination that women can take a quiet moment to be caring or kind towards someone they love.

zoe and wash

A disconnect will always exist between men and women in this community for the simple reason that we come to fandoms from different backgrounds looking for something that speaks to us as individuals. Geeky men do not generally embrace the oppressive masculinity of which they are being accused. These are the guys who got shoved into lockers at school, and are, in some cases, still too timid to make eye contact with the opposite sex let alone make a pass at them. However we have reached a point where an entire group of men are being accused of micro-aggressions by simply liking a video game, even actors are apologizing before they say something that might be deemed offensive.


The geek culture is predominantly accepting, mainly because we all know what it is like to be considered outsiders. We turn to superheroes and fantasy for strength and a sense of adventure, not for lectures on proper gender pronouns or realism. The feminists aren’t the first to call us names and they won’t be the last. Some may meet their demands in this campaign of pandering, but the community will remain the merry band of misfits we’ve always been, getting our marshmallows ready as the feminists try to set fire to our world.


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  1. At least the men and women had to wear tights. see that is real gender equality. No one ever comments on the things that are equal. I think some groups of concerned citizens get a little to focused on how things are so unfair that they can’t even enjoy a little bit of fictional entertainment.
    P.S. Great article. dear writer if you are ever in Phoenix, Az I would love to get you a coffee and hear more on your thoughts about equality.


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