Reaction: Obama admits Peace with Palestinians Not Possible


Has hell frozen over? Will pigs be flying?  President Obama has, according to United With Israel, it is possible.  In an interview the president gave at Camp David he explains that peace in the near future between Israel and the Palestinians is not possible. But the epiphany isn’t all what it seems.

Impossible things are happening every day, Rogers and Hammerstein at least had that right. And today is one of those days. President Obama gave a pretty big interview. It seems that he can be taught or someone finally explained to him the definition of insanity. But don’t bring out the celebratory champagne just yet.

President Obama first reiterated how much of a deep supporter of Israel he is (he isn’t) and how he understands Israel’s security concerns (he doesn’t). He states:

“And what I think at this point, realistically, we can do is to try to rebuild trust — not through a big overarching deal, which I don’t think is probably possible in the next year, given the makeup of the Netanyahu government, given the challenges that I think exist for President Abbas — but if we can start building some trust around, for example, relieving the humanitarian suffering inside of Gaza and helping the ordinary people in Gaza to recover from the devastation that happened last year; if we can do more to create business opportunities and jobs inside the territories — if we can slowly rebuild that kind of trust, then I continue to believe that the logic of a two-state solution will reassert itself.” (United with Israel)

Let’s remember Gaza, shall we, where Hamas stores ammunition and rockets in hospitals and schools. Where food is plentiful, yet suffering occurs at the hands of the democratically elected terrorist organization. No mention of Hamas in this statement and no mention of the countless rockets that hit Israel last summer. A nice jab at Netanyahu though, who seems to be the greatest enemy of peace if you ask John Kerry.

Another little thing the president forgot to mention is that the sad economy of Gaza is not due to Israel, but the usurpation of funds by Hamas in favor of terrorism instead of commerce.

“We worked very hard, but, frankly, the politics inside of Israel and the politics among the Palestinians as well made it very difficult for each side to trust each other enough to make that leap.” He got one thing right. The politics of Israel do not have the energy to attempt to make a useless peace with terrorists. On the other end of the table, Abbas and Hamas have absolutely no plans of ever making peace with Israel. That is the sad truth.

The president, however was not quite done yet, “Because I’ve said to the Israelis [that] you cannot remain a state that is both a democracy and Jewish if you continue to have this problem unresolved,” who knew that Israel’s status as a democracy depended solely on how they deal with their neighbors. Neighbors who are just a bit too keen on seeing Israel destroyed.  The president continued, “And with respect to the Palestinians, I’ve said that you cannot expect to have a state of your own and the full dignity and respect that is inherent for all human beings if you also don’t recognize Israel, because Israel is not going anywhere.”

The president maintains that most people on both sides understand this, “unfortunately, the politics of fear has been stronger than the politics of hope over recent years.” Israel is driven by the fear that there are forces trying to destroy it.

Trust is key, the President is right about that, and sadly Israel continuously making sacrifices and bending over backwards won’t gain them any peace of mind. Peace can only be achieved when one side acknowledges the others’ existence as people and a nation. Until the PA and Hamas put down terrorism and accept that the Jewish nation exists, has a right to exist, and will continue to exist peace will never be possible. As long as terrorists and their sympathizers are in charge peace is nothing more than a distant sparkle of imagination, like Neverland, Narnia, or Hogwarts.

Hopefully this announcement means that the Obama administration has taken an early retirement from the Israel-Palestinian conflict and we greatly thank the president for it.


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