Have Hillary’s Scandals Toppled Her Campaign or Are We Celebrating Too Soon?

imagesThere isn’t a single person I know who hasn’t been watching the latest wave of Clinton scandal with anticipation. Waiting for the next piece of embarrassing Clinton laundry to roll out of the basket as it were.

For those of us with a taste for political scandal, the Clinton’s have been delivering for many years. Longer than this blogger has been alive actually.

While the current scandals might not all be as salacious as the Clinton scandals of the 90s (which, as everyone knows, included everything from rape to sex in the Oval office) Hillary still knows how to deliver on a grand scale.

She gave us a big on in 2011, when the consulate in Libya was attacked, but now we’ve hit the big time, as more and more information begins pouring out about her and her husband’s activities over the last few years. All thanks to the fact that she’s the assumed Presidential nominee for the Democrats in 2016.

But with questions about her brother’s mining company, questions about foreign donations while Secretary of State, questions about her husband’s relationship with a pedophile (the commentary on that one practically writes itself, given Bill’s history), the Associated Press threatening legal action over delayed and denied FOIA requests, and a slew of renewed jokes at her and her husband’s expense over the “old news” of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, will she even bother announcing a campaign?

Interestingly enough, it seems like the scandal over her use of a private email address while Secretary of State seems to have actually gotten members of the media community, who are otherwise excessively supportive of Democratic candidates, to sit up and start complaining.

The New York Times broke the story initially.

Rachel Maddow actually discussed it on her show.

Mika Brzezinski on Morning Joe is outraged about it.

Matt Lauer and Robert Gibbs are both perturbed and see it as an issue for her campaign.

The coverage on this, on top of the foreign donations to The Clinton Foundation, has all sort of snowballed into a huge issue for her suddenly and it will certainly take a lot of work to clean up the problems and repair her credibility…if such a thing is even possible at this point.

I never liked Hillary Clinton politically, but these issues of trust and credibility have gone beyond what even I expected from her.

And I grew up in Arkansas, so for me to say that I underestimated how untrustworthy a Clinton was going to be, is shocking to say the least.

As for my question in the title of this post…well only time will tell. We know that the media have short attention spans for the indiscretions of most liberals, but we’ll just have to wait to see if Hillary can squirm her way back into their good graces. Lord knows she has time to make an attempt before the Presidential primaries begin.


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