The Loft: Mildly Entertaining

The story: Five friends share a midtown loft for them to carry on their extramarital affairs, when one day there’s a dead woman in the loft and they know one of the five of them had to have done it…but who?

In a year where I expected to see something of merit, I might be very critical of this film (when you stop to think about it after seeing it, it has a lot of plot holes), but this is 2015 which I easily predict to be the worst year in film in my lifetime (at least as far as I can remember)…and so we’re grading on a curve.

That said, this movie does have its merits. The mystery is done well with offering you lots of red herrings and an impressive cast of suspects and clever twists. The director and editor always put together a clever set of flashbacks that kept you guessing and offering you enough to question what you’re being shown in the stories offered by our characters but not enough to figure it out and ruin your enjoyment of the mystery. I’d talk about more details, but it is a mystery and I see no point in ruining it for you.

In terms of the cast, well it’s five cheating on their wives, so it’s not exactly like they’re a likable bunch, but the actors do offer a quality set of performances from actors who are usually relegated to B list or supporting work. Karl Urban does his usual high quality performance that will be appreciated yet somehow not spring board him into a leading man role. And James Marsden was for the first time in his career pulled off a role where I didn’t just want to punch his smug face (yes I’m including 27 Dresses, I know he was leading man there, I still didn’t like him).

Now it would be a lie to say the plot doesn’t have problems. It does. Worst of all is that one of the characters is a psychiatrist who doesn’t seem to know anything about psychiatry. But you don’t notice most of these flaws while watching it and only see them upon further reflection.

It’s not a great movie, it’s one you could easily wait for it to get to Netflix…but if you’re starved for entertainment at the box office, you could do worse.

Final grade 3 out of 5


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