Mike Huckabee Does Not Represent Conservatives

No, that doesn't sound like a small government conservative to me either.

No, that doesn’t sound like a small government conservative to me either.

Warning: there will be language in this article that Huckabee might consider “trashy” falling from the lips (or keyboard) of a woman. Why? Because I’m a fucking lady that’s why.

There are many problems with calling Mike Huckabee a conservative, but honestly I know that there will be plenty of articles and time for calling out his less than conservative political moves.

For me this is mostly about what Mike Huckabee thinks conservative politics and policies represent and what the reality is. Huckabee doesn’t represent the beliefs of the majority of conservatives, especially since even the most socially conservative conservatives that I know are all still pissed as hell that he thinks talking about Beyoncé and bad language are somehow relevant winning topics for a nationwide election.

I don’t even like Beyoncé and I know that criticizing her isn’t exactly going to endear someone to most of the populace.

Mike Huckabee’s topics of discussion when given a place to speak on a national level are more suited to the pulpit a church, that’s just the truth.

Huckabee has decided that his greatest gift to the world is to police the morality of others. Now that’s fine, I have no issue with him wanting to make his views known, but I do have a problem with the fact that he is representing his view as the “conservative” one.

Conservatives believe in small government. We believe that the government needs to stay out of our lives, not that the government should stay out of our lives unless a religious social conservative is in office. Many conservatives do hold personal beliefs that are more socially conservative, but we don’t want the government legislating most of them.

So why, pray tell, does a “conservative” like Huckabee think that his opinion on my vulgar and trashy language, Beyoncé’s music lyrics or anyone’s parenting choices, or his opinion on whether homosexuality is a choice, matters at all in his push for the Presidency?

Not only is my morality and life choices none of his, or the government’s business, but his priorities just don’t sync up with those of the conservative population.

In September of 2014 a Pew Research Center poll of registered voters showed that the top issues for Republicans were the deficity, terrorism, the economy, immigration, and foreign policy.

Where did hot topics of social conservatives fall on that list? Abortion was only important to about 44% of the Republican voters polled (and that doesn’t even tell us which way that 44% felt about abortion), nearly 30 percentage points lower than the next lowest issue of immigration (at 73%) in that poll. Gay marriage came in at 31% (once again without telling if that 31% was in favor or against). Issues such as trashy language didn’t even come up, obviously because people tend to think the government has bigger problems (and actual responsibilities) than whether I say “fuck” too often for Huckabee’s comfort.

More noticeably, Huckabee recieved a grand total of 20% of the popular vote in the 2008 primary and the only states he won by a large margin were Arkansas (where he served as Governor for quite some time and voted blue for Clinton in 1990 and 1994, thus proving they just vote for who they recognize, not who represents their core beliefs) and Kansas.

I know a lot of conservatives and the majority can’t stand Huckabee. The majority of us drink, swear, and have no issue with homosexuality. 61% of young conservatives (a demographic we need) are in favor of gay marriage. Many more are in favor of the government being removed from marriage entirely.

In 2012, when the Gosnell trial was being conducted, 71% of Republicans still were not in favor of completely banning abortion. 71% is a lot of voters who probably aren’t going to agree with Huckabee on that topic either.

Huckabee represents a tiny minority of the Republican party and not a particularly conservative minority at that. I like to call his group the “Progressives for Jesus”, because they love big government just as much as any Clinton or Obama, as long as the goal is one that they see as religiously moral.*

Huckabee needs to go home and be a preacher. It’s clear that’s where his heart lies and there’s no reason why he shouldn’t do so. He wants to minister to people and help them with their moral issues. That’s a noble cause, even if I don’t agree with him, but it’s not a cause for a President to champion.

We don’t need him muddying the waters anymore than they are already going to be during this primary season and we don’t need him to be the strawman “conservative” that provides a soft target for liberals to accuse conservatives of every type of “-ism” that exists.

Real conservatives abhor government control whether it’s being handed down from on high by a liberal or a “conservative”. We don’t want it and we don’t want Huckabee. The sooner he realizes that, the sooner he can stop making conservatives look bad.


*That’s not the say I have a problem with social conservatives of many types. Holding socially “conservative” views are fine, as long as you don’t want to legislate them and use them to control my actions…which is a Huckabee and Santorum speciality.


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