Modern Day Manners for Handling Your Child’s Magical Day



This story has been circulating lately. Apparently a party was planned at $24 a kid (steep in my estimation). One child, who had RSVP’d yes, ended up not going. The party parent then sent the no show parent an invoice for $24. The no show parent claims they did not have contact info to let the party parent know the child could not make it. The party parent says info was with the invite.

I have so much to say about this.


First, if you say you will be at a party, show up. If you can not attend, let the host know at least two days in advance. If you RSVP’d, then you have the contact info somewhere. In this instance, even if the contact info had been misplaced or lost, the kids were in class together. Send a note through the class. Or maybe I am being way too logical here.


Second, if you are hosting a pay-per-child party, make the party goers aware of that. Your RSVP to no show rate will greatly improve. Still, expect at least one no show and have enough money to cover that loss. You are INVITING people to come to an event YOU planned. Their inability to make it, should not cost them the price of admission.


Third, if you are that pressed for money that you need to invoice the no show guests, then you should not be hosting such an extravagant event. Stay in your budget. Take into account possibly having to pay for someone who doesn’t show up. Instead of invoicing them, perhaps send a note telling them your disappointment in, not only missing a friend, but leaving an open spot someone else could have taken. Give your contact info again and let them know they are welcome at future events.

Finally, to all parents, read this next line carefully.

You. Do. Not. Need. To. Throw. A. HUGE. Party. For. Your. 5. Year. Old.

I know that sounds weird, but it’s true. At that age, all you need are 4 things.

1. Bounce house.


2. Yummy cupcakes.


3. Fun gift bags.


4. Games.


And you can do all that at your house for almost free, or at a park for a nominal fee. Your child just wants to play with their friends and have the day be focused on them!!!


They don’t care if it’s at Disneyland or in your own back yard. Money and status mean NOTHING to a child under the age of 10. Save your money and hurt feelings all around.

Please, take pity on parents who don’t show up with their kid. You have no idea what might have stopped them from coming in the first place.


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