Inside the Mind and Heart of an LE Wife



I am an LE wife. No, that doesn’t make me special or unique or better than anyone. It just means that lately, when I send my husband off to work, I worry a bit more. I worry he will be bored. I worry he will have such a busy night, he’ll be late coming home. I worry he will not come home.

Can anyone reading this truly relate? When you kiss your spouse goodbye, do you honestly wonder if it will be the last time you will see them alive? Probably not. But that’s what we LE wives go through every day our husbands go to work.

In fact, this NYE was the hardest goodbye I had with my husband. You see, we live in Las Vegas and the Strip is where all the action is at. They shut it down to automobiles at 6pm and don’t reopen to traffic until the crowds disperse enough. In light of recent events and recent threats against Officers, I was worried…truly worried he may not come home to me. I even snapped a picture of him before he left. Silly maybe, but I wanted it, just in case.

You see, my husband is not just my husband. He is my best friend, the father of three great kids, the brother of two younger brothers, the eldest son, and friend to so many. He may not be important to you reading this, but he is central to many people’s lives. And there are credible threats against him every day.

Those threats aren’t because of him specifically. No, that we can fight against easily. The threats are simply because he puts on a uniform for work. He is at risk everyday because he had the audacity to choose this career path. And why did he choose it? Because he believes in the rule of law, in helping those in need and in seeing that those who commit crimes are brought to justice. Such a horrible human, right?

And I married him. I married him knowing there would always be risk surrounding us until the day he retires. I knew the pitfalls. I knew the threats. And yet, I never worried until recently.

In June, two Metro Officers were executed while having lunch. They weren’t trying to arrest anyone and it went bad, NOPE. They were eating pizza and talking about their day.

Just a couple weeks ago a similar circumstance took place in NY. Those Officers were in their patrol car and were ambushed for no other reason than they wore their uniforms.

And since then, there have been several shootings of Officers and attempted shootings. Our Officers, the ones we want when the SHTF, are being targeted and killed. Those are husbands, fathers, sons and Officers of the law.

They are all my husband.

So, next time you say goodbye to your spouse, try to remember this article. Try to remember the wives whose husbands won’t come home because someone decides the uniform he is wearing represents all things evil. And then think if your spouse encounters the same evil every day.


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