Books for Conservatives: Agenda 21 Into the Shadows

The sequel to the praised and hailed Agenda 21 by Harriet Parke and Glenn Beck comes just where the previous story left off and expands the world of oppression and tyranny.

“I knew those men were our enemies, but they, like everyone else in the Republic, were nothing more than servants. Rule followers. They had no choice. But I did. I had a choice and I made it. I knew then and there that, no matter what happened, I would never go back. Never.”

It was once named America, but now it is just “the Republic.” Following the worldwide implementation of a UN-led program called Agenda 21, the once-proud people of America have become obedient residents who live in barren, brutal Compounds and serve the autocratic, merciless Authorities.

Citizens mainly keep their heads down and their mouths shut—but Emmeline is different. When the Authorities took her mother away, she started questioning the world around her. What happened to her mom? Why is everyone confined to grim living spaces and made to eat the same food cubes every day? Why was her own baby taken from her to be raised in the Children’s Village? And are the rumors that somewhere out beyond the fence live those who got away during the Relocations—the so-called shadow people—really true?

When Emmeline’s questions lead to the realization that she will never see her child again, she decides to escape the Compound with her partner, David, and their baby, Elsa. Fleeing the armed enforcers of the Earth Protection Agency, and facing the unknown for the first time in their lives, Emmeline and David run into the shadows in the desperate hope of finding something they’d only heard stories about from those who’d lived before the Relocations: freedom.

Based off the actual Agenda 21, an action plan by the United Nations with regards to sustainable development taken to extreme. Anyone who has ever read or watched Glenn Beck know that one of the biggest things he hates is this document. In fact he has written books on how much he hates this deplorable UN plan. Along the way a woman named Harriet Parke came to him and with her brilliant ideas they published the first novel, Agenda 21.

The sequel Into the Shadows follows Emmeline and David after their escape from the Compound along with Elsa and a little boy named Micah and the adventures they face. But this time around Harriet Parke has changed things on us.  A good transition and shifting perspectives can get confusing if not done correctly and Parke balances it well, keeping most of the story focused on Emmeline and David, but reminds us of what’s going on with David’s parents and a more sinister group of people who are tasked by the evil Authority with finding those who have escaped and re-capturing them for punishment.

The book itself is very powerful much like the first, following a simple and easy to read format with a dash of spirituality and a healthy dose of defiance and wonder. The world that has been created as a result of the extreme implementation of Agenda 21 is truly frightening and full of danger. The incredible amount of good old fashioned conservative values that are enriched in this novel is far too many to count and it pulls you in with amazing dialogue, suspense, and great use of vocabulary.

This is a thriller you will not want to put down, along with the novel, a one chapter except can be found here. An intimidating adventure sure to captivate teens and adults alike.


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