Time To Pull the Plug

Every so often there comes a time where you completely rage quit a show. Yet somehow year after year it is still on the air despite complaints, angry posts, and a slue of problems. You gave up seasons ago, how do people still watch these shows? Maybe it is time to just pull the plug? Here is a list of shows that have surpassed their time, that have sang their best and..well, its time for them to go.

What a fun show. Bones had it all, unique and weird characters, great bits of intelligence, great characters, fun and sad moments, and excellent character dynamics. It tugged at heart strings, made us cheer and made us cry. It had character betrayal, triumph, and death. Bones was about FBI Agent Booth who was forced to work with Dr. Brennan, a quite intelligent (and she knew it too) Forensic Anthropologist and her wise-cracking brilliant team who worked out of the Jeffersonian Institution. Together they kicked butt and caught the bad guys.

Yet somewhere down the line, people lost interest and while ratings have dropped from their peaks in earlier seasons, this current season, the overall viewership has dropped and no episode of this season surpassed six million viewers. Why did this happen? Part of it is the fact that the writing has gone down hill, the integrity of the forensics has dropped from earlier seasons, and the overall air of the show has gone darker, more dramatic and has become less about the forensics and the intricate and fascinating relationship between Booth and Brennan.

Where did they go wrong?Getting Booth and Dr. Brennan together was great, but it seemed that when this happened and when they had a daughter, their dynamic changed and it wasn’t as fun or as interesting. Now killing off a beloved character also contributed to this and it turned viewers off. For a channel like Fox which cancels series before the first season even finishes, it can sometimes take a while to understand when a show getting closer to the cliff. 10 years is a long time for a show and sadly Bones has not been keeping it fresh or trying to keep going and create some originality. Its time to call it quits and end the show, give it a nice send off.


While being described as a political-thriller and created by the same woman who made Grey’s Anatomy (Shonda Rhimes), the shows politics is debatable. First things first it is about Olivia Pope, played by the beautiful Kerry Washington, who used to work for the president before opening up a consulting firm of sorts dealing with, or getting politicians out of, scandals. The cast is diverse and each person has their own back story, tragedy, and intrigue. The fist and most of the second season were actually pretty interesting and Olivia and President Grant, played by Tony Goldwyn seemed to have great chemistry. But as the show progressed (and is not in its 4th season) it became less about helping people or averting individual scandals as much as it did about the next extreme thing, and pushing a very old conspiracy theory out of the woodwork that refused to die. It was as if the entire show now revolved around this secret organization and the show’s chutzpah got lost along the way.

Had this been written last year I would have said there is room for improvement and that it could be salvaged, sadly as I watched the first half of the fourth season I decided that no, this show is calling for cancellation. The characters are not adults and half the time are behaving like large children, immature, irrational, and just weird. Olivia can’t make up her mind, neither can President Grant who is a liberal president in Republican clothing, Milly is an understandable mess, and Huck and Quinn is just Oi.  The characters have lost their charm and the show itself has lost its appeal. Its time to pull the plug. Then again, despite its problems the show’s ratings are holding pretty strong, perhaps this is why it has not been cancelled yet.

Speaking of Shonda Rhimes I think we can all say that Grey’s Anatomy has run its course. As I have not had the pleasure of seeing Grey’s I asked fellow writer Millerita for help in this department. This is what she had to say.

On Grey’s. For a show that has had 11 seasons, a lot of it is very forgettable. I think the original aim of the show was to be a version of ER with a female twist, unnecessary in my opinion because ER is sort of an untouchable medical drama to me. Grey’s started out all right, it was your basic ABC drama that appealed to the same audience that watched Desperate Housewives and now Scandal. As time went on though it became very predictable and desperate. The sexuality of the characters is basically a prop when they want to attract viewers. There seems to be a massive disaster every other week which frankly makes one wonder how their Seattle is still standing. It just seemed like they jumped the shark and then went looking for every other shark in the ocean to jump. It quickly became more about the characters than the medical, where as ER and House always had a nice balance between the two. Grey’s Anatomy specializes in pandering and exhaustion, every year I’m surprised to see that the show has been granted another season while truly good shows are canceled after a few episodes.

My personal reason for wanting this show as well as Scandal to end is to get Allen Heinberg, one of their writers/executive producer away from TV politic/medical drama and back into comics. Its a selfish reason, but that is why I need the show to end so Mr. Heinberg can get back to writing comics and maybe comic book based TV shows.

Lord how much more angst can there be? So much character death, drama, angst, and fake blood, you’d think this was the Vampire Degrassi…well maybe that’s a bit of a stretch. I only got as far as season 4, or maybe it was 3, before I called it quits. If someone tells you there is no such thing as too much drama and angst, slap them. Granted, at first there was mystery and there was something alluring about a girl who ends up dating a Vampire and enthralled in this odd world of supernatural beings and conflicts, who’s best friend was a witch, who’s parents were vampire hunters, and who’s other best friend becomes a vampire. But the love triangles, the newest villains the “JK lol not dead” moments became too much for me. It got boring and repetitive and this is something a lot of fans are starting to notice now. Its just not fun anymore.

CW seems to be attached to some shows above others and while the Originals, a spinoff from Vampire Diaries, seems to be doing relatively okay, its a bit more interesting because there is far less romance, or at the very least better written romance that makes it seem more like an actual story instead of a Vampire, love-triangle induced soap opera. In fact some of the actors are not even all that attached to their characters, this is very telling and maybe it is time to end the series with a positive note instead of looking for the next shock factor. The CW has no problem cancelling a show after one season, but does not seem to know when a show is failing and begging to be cancelled.

And while we are on the subject of the CW, who still watched Supernatural? Hardcore I mean? Aside from the Dean/Cas shippers? Supernatural should have ended with the original complete arc back in what was it, season five? But the fans begged and pleaded for the show to continue. So it did! Like Bones, sometimes its just time to end and there is nothing wrong with ending a series at season five or season 10. Breaking Bad ended when it was supposed to and that was the perfect send off to the show. The end has to come eventually. Even Murder, She Wrote ended. As fans have pointed out Season 5 of Supernatural should have been the end as storylines were brought back and things were heading towards a wrap pup. The blog Pop Culture with Camilla did a great job of explaining why Season 5 should have just been the end and why it wasn’t. The point is that writers sometimes need to just end their show when it is a good place to end and not keep it going for the sake of keeping it going or for money. I could never get too invested in Supernatural, but have watched a few episodes and as other fans or former fans have pointed out the story quality has dropped and ideas are not as original as they had been before. So maybe its time to let sleeping dogs lie and end it. Endings are okay, they must come and need to come.

Not so honorable mention, a show I have little hope for, but think it could be improved.

 Teen Wolf, a show about young Scott McCall who gets bitten by a werewolf and becomes a werewolf himself, loosely based on the Michael Jay Fox movie of the same name it started off as a teen drama and quickly turned into an almost Supernatural like dark adventure thriller.

Drama for the sake of drama isn’t fun and turning yet another quirky and funny show into a drama filled thriller was going too far. There was a sense of blissful innocence that was torn away by drama and danger. What most of the shows on here all have in common is a great start and a fall from grace. Characters were thrown in and thrown out, or forgotten and while the acting on the show is amazing, the writing and the executive decisions have led to the loss of fan base, and what used to be an avid and bright fandom is losing interest. For an MTV show it ranks in 1-2 million viewers and there was a lot of missed opportunity to develop existing and introduced characters that was thrown away fro the sake of darkness and violence. Sure some of it was interesting, but now, half of the original cast is gone, either killed, written off, or just plain forgotten, and a lot of the show’s innocence and charm has vanished. Teen Wolf can be good again if they develop characters more and not toss them aside.

Teen Wold needs to go back to its roots and see where they succeeded and what the fans wanted. Not to say they should do fan service, too much fan service is the reason Glee failed, not the only reason, certainly. But for Teen Wolf, its time to listen to the criticism of long time fans that are now no longer interested.  The writers and creators need to remember that people didn’t fall in love with Teen Wolf because it was dramatic and werewolf centered (if they need too much drama and supernatural beings there are Vampire shows for that). People fell in love with it because it was quirky, and funny and while it was dramatic it was just a tad more lighthearted. Teen Wolf is missing a balance between the dramatic and the everyday life, which is something I think the earliest seasons had.

Long running shows that have outstayed their welcome or shows that are just begging to die. Either way, that time has come, the time to pull the plug and say goodbye.


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  1. Don’t say that! I haven’t watched bones since they wrote off Zack Addy. But I love Angel, he’s the vampire with a soul

    • Angel represents the Pre-Twilight era of Vampire lore. Vampire Diaries more capitalizes on the fame of twilight, in my opinion, and pushes Vampire love triangles and unnecessary angst.

      Bones: Its just not as fun as it used to be its not worth the effort and frustration.

  2. Yep… All shows that have run their course…. They could cancel supernatural and bring on Constantine assuming nbc cancels it… To go with the Flash and Arrow…. Oh the possibilities…

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