Two Sides of the Same Coin: Atheist Activists and Progressive For Jesus*

(Warning: this article contains strong language)

I spent a lot of my time in highschool on the atheist side of the internet. It was where I went for advice, where I complained about my parents, where I bitched about school, and where I got to know a lot of decent people.

It’s also where I got to know a lot of really shitty people and, ultimately, realized that being an atheist doesn’t make you a better person. It just makes you a person with a different set of beliefs and the capacity to be a complete and total shithead regardless (and sometimes because) of those beliefs.

Atheists in general aren’t that different from the rest of human society. There are good apples and bad. If you look at the track record of the average atheist leader their reputation doesn’t look too good, seeing as atheist leaders and their beliefs have led to a disturbing number of deaths over the last few hundred years (especially considering how small a percentage of the population they are), but the average atheist is generally no better or worse than the average Christian; regardless of how much I value either group’s rituals or philosophy or faith.

However once you move past the average atheists you get the activists and, like Rick Santorum does for Christians, they make every other atheist look like an asshole just for being associated with them.

The real problem lies with these schmucks.

And by “these schmucks” I’m referring to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, The American Humanist Association, numerous other atheist activist groups, and any of the schmucks who complain about how Christmas decorations, food and toy drives at schools, and people praying for them is a “violation” of the first amendment or somehow seems to psychologically harm their very mind because other people actually believe in things that they don’t.

The problem with these people is that they seem to think that everyone else needs to give a shit what they think and that everyone needs to “respect” their beliefs. They need so much respect in fact that they feel the need to impose legal restrictions on public displays of faith for a religion that, while they believe it to be false, exercises complete and utter control over their day to day interactions and intellectual pursuits.

Now why do I compare these atheists to Rick Santorum and his ilk? I mean, according to them they are the polar opposite of these so called “social conservatives” who have crazy beliefs in a magical skydaddy that is going to punish them in the afterlife if they step out of line and atheists are far too enlightened for that. They know all and, more importantly, they know what’s best for society. Atheism is best. Atheism is all. We should all know better and we should stop going to church and see things their way. No person should ever be exposed to the evils of religion and they will do their best to combat the evil spread of this insidious force of evil.**

Usually by suing schools who want to hold toy drives or canned food drives for religious charities of some kind.

Seems like they really spend more time making it difficult for good people to do good things and less time actually doing good things themselves, but that’s not really my point. My point is that atheists are moralizing funsuckers who think that everyone should live by their rules, a kind of atheist Sharia, (for their own good and for the good of society of course) and, if needs be, they will do their best to make it illegal for anyone to live any other way.

Kinda sounds familiar doesn’t it. It’s the other side of the same coin. Where Progressives for Jesus seek to control the morality of the masses when it comes to abortion and gay marriage and strip clubs and any other number of issues, Atheists take the same approach, just for different end goals.

I suppose these atheists can take solace that at least they are only being horrible moralizing funsuckers for secular reasons, but in my opinion it actually makes you a worse person if you don’t don’t even have the threat of eternal punishment by God to blame for your moralizing funsucking. It’s all them, no voices or magical books to blame for it.

Just them and a serious case of teenage angst that they never grew out of.



*Progressives For Jesus is what I call people like Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, and others that have been misnomered “social conservative” by both conservatives and liberals over the years. They are not conservative in the least and should not be referred to using that word as it dirties the meaning of conservatism and just plain confuses people.

**For clarification, once again I am referring to a certain subset of atheists (a large subset, imo, but whatever) and not all atheists in general.


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  1. Rick Santorum is not a progressive… other than that, I agree with you. He is so so not a progressive though.

    • No…he’s completely a progressive. He’s not a liberal progressive, he’s a progressive for Jesus. Same means, different ends. Both favor government control and regulations to make society act how they want society to act, rather than believing in a small government, freedom, and capitalism.


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