Finally! Someone Had the Chutzpah to Say It!



Dear Michelle Obama,

Thank you for having the courage to speak out against the atrocities you have experienced regarding outright racism. Who better to bring to light the nefarious ways people keep those who are not Caucasian oppressed, than you? Growing up a doctor’s daughter and marrying a community organizer who became a senator, then President must have given you such a world view of true hatred and racism!

I too grew up a doctor’s daughter, but I have my white privilege to blame for that. There is no way I could have encountered the racism and other hateful things you must have. I suppose it was impossible for me to live in Jamaica for a year, thus becoming a minority. There is no way I had my skin pinched, touched and scratched only to be asked if it was real.

Being assumed to be incredibly wealthy, and thus proposed to multiple times despite my only being 16, simply because of the color of my skin, was obviously not racist in any way. Also, being used as the marker on the bus as to where to move to (“Tsst Tsst, move down by white girl!”) was never about racism.

I am glad to know that it’s the uncountable times I have been asked to help retrieve an item high up for someone shorter than me is where the TRUE hatred lies. Going forward I will be sure to tell those shorter individuals that they need to change their worldview and stop seeing me as a “Tall person” and just see me as a PERSON!!!! I am more than my height!

So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, for opening my eyes to the awful ways you have been treated simply because of the color of your skin…and your height! Stay strong my sister! Together we will end the age of tallism!!!

Independent Girlism


Upate: It would appear in 2012 Michelle did not find this exchange racist. She also seems to appreciate the fact she wasn’t recognized back them, while today uses the lack of recognition to bolster the race card being played.


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  1. Living in a country for ONE YEAR does not make you a minority, any more than sitting in a driveway makes you a car. And its spelled CHUTZPAH.

  2. Well technically Lefty if you live somewhere for a certain amount of time that makes you a resident of that place, i.e. when I moved to Las Vegas after 30 days I was a resident there and had to go renew my drivers license and let go of my old one from Ohio. And apparently you missed the whole point of this article so maybe you should reread it again and again until you understand it better. Great article! Loved it!

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