Double Standards: Israel can’t build homes, but Terrorism is Perfectly Normal

Mogherini and her lack of brain matter again, this time they are threatening very serious sanctions against Israel in order to force them to comply with a two-state solution. Because we all know Jews are totally going to obey and listen (Remember my sarcasm).

The Foreign Policy chief to the European Union, Federica Mogherini does not know when to quit. She must really need that Nobel Peace Prize because there is no rational, logical reason why a woman who is now a Foreign Policy chief to be this incompetent. Maybe she just has some kind of odd desire to out do everyone else. But then again, we must remember that the European Union specifically chooses and hires highly idiotic people.

When Palestinians terrorize Israelis, when they kill people, that does not get the world attention. What does? Houses! That’s right, a nation, building houses is considered the ultimate crime. So much in fact, that the European Union is threatening to take further action, citing the expansion of these “settlements” as detrimental to the two-state solution. What is not detrimental by that logic is Palestinian terrorists killing four Jews in a Synagogue in Jerusalem…or a baby at the train station, or any other number of attacks against Israelis.

“Actions which call into question stated commitments to a negotiated solution must be avoided. The EU deeply deplores and strongly opposes the recent expropriation of land near Bethlehem, recent announcements of plans for new settlement construction, in particular in Givat Hamatos, Ramat Shlomo, Har Homa and Ramot, as well as plans to displace Bedouins in the West Bank and the continued demolitions,” Stated Mogherini  While I have not heard anything about displacing Bedouins, I do wonder why they never tell Abbas that his support for terrorism, and the recent violence against Israelis (not all of whom are Jews) is detrimental to the peace process and the two-state solution?

Of course, the mere idea of a two state solution is preposterous, since neither Abbas nor Hamas have shown any inclination to wanting peace with Israel.

The EU also called for an end to the Gaza blockade and to allow Gaza to trade freely. I don’t think they fully comprehend what it means. It means Iran would then trade with Gaza freely, and by trade, I mean more obviously provide them with weapons to try to kill Israelis with. They also, in a deeply brilliant move, called for Abbas to take over the Gaza strip, reiterating their support for a unity government. I wonder how well Hamas is going to take that?

And of course, in a display of utter maturity and adulthood the EU threatened to recall its European ambassadors to Israel, and not to speak with anyone who opposes the two-state solution. Essentially proving to all that the European Union is full of children who think their way is the only correct way and that anyone who disagrees is a stupid meany.

Now when violence irrupted on the Temple Mount everyone jumped to condemn it. Now four Rabbis are dead and the world sits in silence. President Obama gave a a speech condemning the attack while his State Department reiterated that Jews building houses was detrimental to peace, (what was detrimental to peace twenty years ago? Thirty years ago?) while terrorist attacks are clearly flukes. But while referring to the terrorists as murderers and extremists Obama never once pointed out that they were in fact Palestinian,  and their friends and families and fellow Palestinians did in fact celebrate their deeds.

Here is the honest truth, a good majority of Israelis, and those who support them have lost faith in the so called “peace process.” Its kind of sad but that’s the way it is because time and again, invitation and negotiation, talks and speeches, the Palestinians prove to us that peace is not in their agenda. Officials in France, Germany, and other nations condemned the violence outwardly, while the Secretary General of the United Nations sent a spokesperson to deliver his message.  Obama, Kerry, Mogherini, and Ban Ki-Moon, all want Israel and Palestinian leaders to work together to end the violence. They must live in some kind of fantasy land because Abbas has no intention of letting it stop. Sure he might condemn it for the face of the west, but among his fellow Palestinians, or Philistini” he says the opposite.



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  1. And yet a solution is still necessary. Maybe the solution is a police state. Better yet, maybe the solution is to negotiate homes for the Palestinians somewhere else (further away). Real-estate is probably very cheap in Libya now. Buy them a city there. It would be worth every cent.

    • But that implies that the Palestinians are interested in a nation anywhere else. A police state is never the solution. A lasting peace cannot happen until both sides actively seek it, instead of just one.

      • It implies nothing, my friend; Are you denying we need a real solution? You can’t advocate for a solution and rule anything out. I want to see a plan. How is this fixed?

        • My plan starts with Israel cutting the Palestinians off completely, financially and socially, no more providing them with electricity and water, if they want these things they get it themselves, no longer Israel’s problem. A two-state solution is impossible when Israel has no partner for peace. When they have one then we can start talking about an actual lasting peace, until then, the kid gloves have to come off and Israel needs to stop taking crap from Hamas and Abbas.

          • We’re far beyond that point. With levels of ignorance and indoctrination being what they are in Palestine- any solution must be decided and dictated from one side alone.

            • Its an interesting point and so far it seems that Israel is the one being dictated too.

              • That’s a choice. If the mayor of NYC could wipe out guns- that could also be done in Palestine. So it’s clear to me the blame can be shared around. The problem is politicians make their living off the rhetoric of hate. Meanwhile, people die.

                I imagine you’re not implying Israel couldn’t (if desired) send people in and sanitize and police Palestine to perfection? I’m pretty sure that’s possible.

              • I want Israel to completely cut “palestine” off, no more aid, no more providing them with water and electricity, if they want these things they can get it themselves. After all, they want independence right? I think Hamas needs to be destroyed. But until we have a proper partner for peace nothing will happen.
                I also don’t support US based gun control.

              • If you’re saying you don’t support gun control in Palestine, I have to doubt you’re genuinely interested in the well being of Israelis; And this is just some farce created to serve as a mouthpiece for the American right.

              • I specifically said I do not support US based gun control, Gaza needs to be completely demilitarized. Americans can have guns, terrorists and their wannabes cannot.

              • Very strange choice of words.

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