10 Things the Republicans Need To Do As Soon As We Take Over


We won. Let’s make sure it stays that way.

So we won. Big deal, we’ve won before and we’ve blown it before.   So what we need to do is ensure that we have a plan. A plan for the long and short term, a plan for the Republicans power and for we the voting public. We need to make sure that we keep the base and the moderates on our side and that we avoid the numerous mistakes of the past. And there have been a lot of mistakes in the past and need to make sure we don’t make them again.

So first and foremost let’s make sure we get the short term out of the way.   And for that I have ten things that we have to do right out of the gate.

  1. We need to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House. Boehner is a perfectly fine conservative, his voting record shows that the only times he has not voted as the base might have wanted are those moments when to do so would spell long term ruin for the party. That said, it is not his conservative credentials I have a problem with–it is the fact that he is a terrible leader.  Idiotic pundits like to complain about Romney’s media image, but Boehner makes Mitt look like a master of public relations. Boehner just doesn’t know how to present a great image, how to set an agenda, how to bring a message to the public. In this respect he is completely worthless and he needs to go. I would personally love Speaker Paul Ryan, but Boehner has to go.
  1.  Obamacare needs to be overturned.  At least in Congress.  For two reasons.  First to make it clear that the little dictator is the one blocking the will of the people, second to get every remaining Democrat either on record of voting for it again (good) or frightening them into voting against it, which might lead to a vote to override the golfing despot’s veto. Either way it won’t be good for the Democrats. Now don’t make this a weekly event and overplay it, but get them once again on record of being for this abomination of a bill.  If you want then piecemeal it out, employer mandate, individual mandate, device tax, and try and overturn each one, that’s fine…but when it fails let it go and to show that we tried but we know the world we live in.
  1. Approve the Keystone pipeline.
  1.  Overturn Dodd-Frank.
  2. Pass a Border security bill. And make it clear nothing is going into effect until that is in place.
  3.  Pass the Simpson-Bowles commission recommendations.  Now the last few ideas all have the same effect as Obamacare, hurt the Democrats through both their voting and Obama’s veto (or if by some miracle they pass the moron-in-chief’s desk do a lot of good for the nation and the world). But this one is particularly good.  Even though I don’t agree with everything in this it does a lot to move us forward on debt and the economy (and in the aggregate I think it would do more good than bad). But given that this was Obama’s own commission to have him veto it (which he would) is even more of an embarrassment.
  4. Follow that by passing the Ryan budget.
  5.  And follow that by passing comprehensive tax reform…I would love flat and with a negative income tax…but I’ll take flatter with fewer deductions.

All of these will show that we are the party of ideas, the party of hope, and real and productive change. The party of yes. Yes to prosperity. Yes to growth. Yes to the pursuit of Happiness. Yes to our God given rights.

And finally two things that have nothing directly to do with Congress.

  1.  The RNC has to spend as much money as they can to creating and testing a system to identify conservative voters and getting them to the polls. If you can somehow add clearing the dead and illegals from the voter rolls so much the better.

And 10 is for the rest of us.


Let us not forget what this battle is, what we are fighting for, and whom we are not fighting (i.e. our own side).

No attacking presidential candidates unless it’s called for. All of you idiots who critiqued Romney with liberal lies I hope you’re happy with yourselves…your bullshit probably cost us the moderate voters we needed. So here’s the thing, before you insult any Republican candidate ask yourself this simple question: if it’s a choice between the Republican you’re about to insult and Elizabeth Warren can you hold your nose and vote for the GOP candidate?  I hate having to vote against someone and not for someone…but the entire Democratic roster is something out of Pravda. And unless it’s treasonous shit like John ‘I want to arm ISIS’ McCain or Rick Santorum who wants to establish a Christian Caliphate simply because he can’t admit he’s a self-hating closet case…don’t insult the candidates. Ever. Politely ask I’m not sure how he will do X, or can someone tell me more about this weak point in a candidates platform. But no insults and no trucking in liberal’s lies (in other words we won’t do what Santorum did last time).
If we do these things right out the door we will put ourselves in a much stronger position.

Or we could do the usual shoot ourselves in the foot thing.


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  1. If Congress throws out Obamacare, you will lose the next election completely. Any massive power moves by this new Republican congress will terrify the moderates and send them running the other direction. Obamacare is meeting some real needs at a safety and security level for people. Most people are happy with how It is working for them. Even 74% of republicans (according to one study) who have Obamacare are happy with their coverage. The overly inflated cost of healthcare in this country is a huge problem. You might have to wave the white flag on the issue, because if you side with the healthcare/ insurance industry against your average person you will be the bad guys. Literally. Too many people have lost their homes and/or ability to provide for their families because of insane medical bills and unfair or inadequate insurance policies.

    • I don’t know where you live but I hail from this place called Reality, and things here are not as you describe them.
      Those moderate you seem to feel will run from the GOP if they rid of Obamacare, keep in mind those are the moderates who voted for Senators who campaigned against Obamacare…I know people are fickle but even that would be a bit much. Or you could look to the fact that the Washington Post (not the most right wing source) reports that the Kaiser Foundation (a left wing organization) reports that not only does the majority of the country oppose Obamacare, but it’s at an all time high. And that’s before the new round of Obamacare implementations we’re about to get that were pushed back because of the election.

      Your claim about most people being happy with it is just a lie. As to your 74% of Republicans who like it, I notice you give no link, either because it’s simply a stinking pile of bullshit you made up on the spot or more likely because if you listed where you information comes from it would show it be such a biased and untrustworthy source you would be laughed out any conversation.

      Now as to your complaints against the cost of medical care…okay, but please understand those costs were high before Obamacare because of government intervention into the free market and they’re even higher now. I love how you list the GOP siding with the healthcare industry against average people when Obamacare is actually siding with the healthcare industry against average people (why do you think the mandate to buy insurance was put in? so the healthcare companies would be guaranteed a profit…at least for a time). So please stop blaming my side for the sins of your side.

  2. Here’s a link to the article with references to the study I referred to: http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-obamacare-coverage-20140710-story.html

    • Are you familiar with the expression “it is better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt?” That’s you. Let’s start off with just what I can see from the source based only on the URL. Oh, the L.A. Times a hack left wing rag that gave up on journalistic ethics decades ago…but let’s see what happens when I open it…
      …and oh they list three sources: the Commonwealth Fund, the Urban Institute and the Gallup organization. Now all the data from Gallup is just on the number of people enrolled…not on satisfaction…so why include Gallup and list them last when their data is used first…oh that’s right to district from the fact that the other two organizations are as biased as you can get.

      Then of course the you have your statement “Even 74% of republicans (according to one study) who have Obamacare are happy with their coverage.” Let’s first look at what the article actually says.”roughly 3 out of 4 Republicans said they were satisfied with their new health plans.” Okay let’s first deal with the fact that 3 out of 4 is not 74% as you quote it…it’s 75%…thank you for once again showing that it’s not just a myth that Democrats can’t do math. Then of course when you can’t get at the raw data, so for all you know it was only 4 Republicans they interviewed…further don’t you find it odd that people are being given something they didn’t earn at the expanse of other people for free and only 75% are satisfied with the product? That is the lowest satisfaction I have ever heard of for free stuff. Not that I really trust the study from a propaganda mill like the Commonwealth Fund which has a history of just making shit up.

      But I love your logic some people, who are a vast minority of the population, are happy with the free stuff they’re being given…what does it matter if the majority of the country hates what this has done to their health care options or what it has cost them. All that matters is that your baseless opinions are confirmed.

  3. Either I misunderstood the point of your blog or you completely misunderstood me. Both, probably. I will remove my offensive moderate viewpoint and refrain from further comment. Best wishes.

    • Yes the point of my blog was to deal in reality, you clearly missed that…and no I didn’t miss the fact you deal in bullshit. Pro-Obambacare propaganda is moderate? In which universe?

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