Lena Dunham, A Truly Disturbed Individual

No, I'm pretty sure I hate you more than you hate yourself.

No, I’m pretty sure I hate you more than you hate yourself.

About a year ago I wrote a piece about how stupid it was that a 6 year old boy was suspended after complaints about “sexual harassment” because he kissed the hand of a little girl he liked in his class.

I still contend that this was ridiculous and that the little boy’s action (whether wanted or unwanted) was an innocent show of his affection for the girl and that at the age of six that action should not be considered harassment, sexual or otherwise.

The differences between that little boy’s story and the story of Lena Dunham’s activities with her sister in her childhood and teen years are exponentially different and easily apparent.

How is it that the first could be considered sexual harassment, but what Lena Dunham did to her sister, Grace, (for at least a decade by her own count, Lena’s stories covering ages 7 to 17) should just be written off as ‘child-like curiosity’ the way she and other feminists are trying to say it should be?

Lena’s sister has come out saying that she doesn’t feel it was abuse, but then we must consider the fact that Dunham had been partaking in these activities with her younger sister since Grace was a year old (perhaps younger) and consider Lena’s own goals in all of this:

lena dunham sexual abuse

By Lena’s own words her goal was to make her sister dependent on her, emotionally manipulating her to drive her into her arms. Would Grace even be able to call it abuse at this point, as normal as it must seem? I can’t imagine reading this and not thinking my sibling was an abuser or a sociopath, perhaps both, but if the abuse and manipulation had been allowed to continue for a decade (or more) completely unchecked by my parents…well I might not even realize there was anything wrong with the way I was treated by my sibling.

Ignoring the questionableness of Lena’s story of prying open her 1 year old sister’s vagina to look inside (which could, I suppose, be written off as children “playing doctor” though Grace was obviously not able to consent to playing anything at that age) the rest of the story is awful enough to qualify the years between 7 and 17 as being the actions of a molester grooming their victim. The bribes, the emotional manipulation, watching her sleep, etc. It all comes off as both creepy and abusive.

If Dunham could find it in herself to admit that her actions as a child and teenager were wrong, I might be able to drop the issue, but instead she threatens to sue people for quite correctly calling her a child molester, even though she refers to her actions as those of a sexual predator in her own book.

Lena even attempts to defend her actions and try to normalize them by trying to claim that this was something that all kids do, rather than owning up to the wrongness of her actions.


Of course this doesn’t surprise me, as she undoubtedly was raised to believe her actions were perfectly normal by parents who clearly were either so disengaged from their children’s lives that they did not notice what was going on or by parents who condoned Lena’s activities and let her believe that behaving this way toward her sister was a perfectly normal way to behave.

So I suppose part of the blame for this falls on her parents, but there is no way that as she aged (and became progressively more manipulative and emotionally abusive, by her own account) that she was completely unaware that her actions were wrong.

Feminists want equality, so I want everyone who defends Lena Dunham to answer one simple question. If this was a an older brother and their younger sibling (of either sex) would you find this acceptable behavior?

If you would, please stay away from me, my family, and my future children for all time.

If not, then what the hell are you doing defending Dunham?



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  1. I disagree that it wasn’t possible she would have some idea that what she was doing was wrong, even as she got older…

    Sociopaths seldom do.

  2. I don’t know much about this person, but I find it odd that she would relate this story for the world to read about. I have three thoughts, which are by no means exhaustive as to WHY she would include this:

    1) As a writer, does she mention this for the reader to gain better insight into who she is, for a later development in the narrative?
    2) Is this portion of her book important inasmuch as it sets up her realization of a better way, part of a mission of personal growth (or repentance) and/or a new direction she takes in life in life?
    3) Does she cite this to advocate for its acceptance – that molesting a small child is acceptable?

    I have not read the book, but nothing I have read about it suggests either of the first two.

    • Well the book is basically just her autobiography (as if she’s done anything worth having a widely published autobiography /eye roll/) so it’s just a long stream of “here’s what I think about the world and my life and a bunch of other things that aren’t important”.
      Basically it’s just poor little rich girl syndrome, where she thinks she’s overcome just SO MANY obstacles and needs to share her wisdom with people…ugh.

  3. I’ve been a passionate feminist for twenty years, and I call it abuse, as do all the other feminists I know. I’ve literally seen two articles defending her actions – and one was written by her sister (the victim) herself.
    This is white, rich, unexamined privilege at it’s nadir.

    • Thank you for calling it what it is is. I probably should have mentioned in the article that it is a quite small (but vocal) minority that is defending her. I’ve seen more than two, but most didn’t have a huge audience.

  4. Erm. Ahem.

    Well, I tend to think that the institutional Left has a really clever way of taking one of their own and hoisting them up onto a pedestal oft times long before it’s truly ever been ‘earned.’ (I use that word with some trepidation, but I hope you’ll forgive me if you think it inappropriate.) All too often, the Left awards perceived ‘wisdom’ much the way it has Lena — without legitimate mileage being worn into our emotional tire treads; they’ve lavished her with praise, awards, fawning media coverage, etc. without practically vetting her and/or her background and/or experiences because they live in that bubble where only images matter. Having grown used to it, methinks Lena’s found herself in some mode wherein she believes she has cart blanche to just psychologically download E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. and A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. all in the alleged pursuit of her ‘craft’, ‘genius’, whatever, etc.

    That said — and make no mistake: I’m NOT defending her in any estimation — I do think there’s probably moments we all wish we hadn’t quite experienced the way we did as children. In some ways, that’s part of the learning process — we try, we feel, and — when it feels ‘right’ — we might even do it again, etc. The problem here is that she’s captured whatever took place with such horrible, horrible, horrible choice of words that, yeah, she comes off sounding no different than a sexual predator. Being called one has only brought out her hackles.

    To me, that demonstrates what I tried to explain above: she hasn’t legitimately ‘earned’ the credibility she’s been handed. She’s simply the next Progressive to inherit and (consequently) exploit it.

    • With all due respect, it’s not her word choice that makes what she did horrible. As I wrote, the really disturbing content is her actions as she got older and I suppose different words could have made it seem nicer or prettier, but her actions would still have been awful.

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