He Who Must Not Be Named

IMG_1085No I’m not talking about Lord Voldemort, although I can’t help but notice a bit of a resemblance…

Two years left and as the Midterm Elections come to a head you’d be hard pressed to find a Democrat willing to allow President Obama to go on the campaign trail for them or even with them! It seems like nowadays even mentioning his name will guarantee LESS votes in your favor not more. And that’s fine with me, the less I hear of his name the better I feel.

It’s gotten so bad that those many are still considering to be his “base” (ie African Americans) want nothing to do with him or his policies and they have a lot to say on the subject. It’s refreshing to hear and see many are beginning to wake up and none too soon! I’d rather an awakening happen during the midterm elections than a few weeks before the Presidential Elections come 2016!

And speaking of the elections, I’m about to go against what I just said because as much as it pleases me to know Democrats are choosing to distance themselves from this President, his policies and his administration, we should capitalize on this and mention his name as well as his policies for them. Democrats would love nothing more than for voters to not only forget Obama’s name, but forget that at one time they were all too quick to back his policies by way of congressional votes. We cannot let them get away with washing their hands of him so easily. After all, they were very quick to play the “blame Bush” game and anyone with an “R” after their name was deemed synonymous with all that went wrong during the Bush years. I think it’s time we start giving a little of that back, and boy is there LOTS to go around!

I don’t mean we smear or demonize. On the contrary, in this instance the facts, if plainly given, can and should speak for themselves. We don’t need to get angry or shove his shortcomings down everyone’s throats, but no politician running with a “D” after their name should get away with not owning up to their prior devotions to this now plagued administration!

If I must suffer, because I live in New York City, by hearing non-stop ads from Democrats bashing whatever Republican is running, the LEAST we can do (and I wish the GOP, R’s, whomever would get off their butts and do this as well) is remind people just who and what they backed when they had the run of Washington and never thought this day would come! I believe we can (and will) retain control of the House as well as gain control of the Senate, which will at least hold off some of the damage this administration has yet to unleash upon us.

And if that doesn’t bring some comfort to you, remember what happens to Lord Voldemort at the end of the Harry Potter series*? Good always triumphs over evil…

*Spoiler Alert: He dies! Oh, and I’m not suggesting that will (or should) happen to this President. His policies perhaps, but not to him personally.

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  1. Oh I hope that’s true, hopefully that will lead to my state’s governor (republican) being reelected over the Obama endorsed one.

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