Conflicting Narratives On Moderate Muslims and ISIS

I can coexist with you even if I disagree with your religion, but not if you are ignoring or supporting those in your religion that want to kill me.

I can coexist with you even if I disagree with your religion, but not if you are ignoring or supporting those in your religion that want to kill me.

When Glen Greenwald came out and essentially said that Canada had this week’s terrorist attacks coming for getting involved in Iraq I wasn’t surprised. I dubbed him a complete schmuck (which isn’t anything new) and moved on, but then an Afghan-Canadian journalist (Nelofer Pazira) starting saying the same thing and she took it a step further.


So what happens next? Will Canada’s Muslim community – which has existed for more than 100 years – now have to “re-prove” it is loyal to a country which is fighting in the Muslim world? There have been plenty of “plots” uncovered in the past – in one of which Muslim extremists were apparently threatening to kill MPs. Since 9/11, many Muslims in the country have offered to work in government security in order to prevent incidents like those this week. How long this co-operation will continue now that Canada is in action in Iraq is another question.


Andre Walker at Breitbart has correctly (in my opinion) inferred that by saying this Pazira is insinuated that continued involvement against ISIS in Iraq will lead to the Muslim community in Canada to cease support of the Canadian government and possibly switch to supporting ISIS.

All we hear these days is the unending repetition of “Not all Muslims are terrorists! ISIS isn’t really Muslim! Most Muslims don’t support ISIS!” and I was willing to believe it. I may not believe that Islam is inherently a fluffy rainbow religion of hugs and laughter, but I’m more than willing to buy that most Muslims in the United States, Canada, and Europe are generally a peaceful people and have no interest in throwing acid in my face for not wearing a hijab, stoning me for being gay, or forcing me to pay a tax or behead me if I won’t convert to Islam.

Except then you have people like Pazira hinting at things like this, it kind of seems like there’s a chance that the Muslim community supports ISIS. I suppose you could infer that the Canadian Muslim community would simply cease to support their own government or help them to prevent terrorist attacks, but at that point you must infer that they believe Canada is wrong in getting involved in fighting ISIS in Iraq. At that point it logically follows that there is some pro-ISIS sentiment fueling that opinion.

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t claim that “moderate” Muslims hate ISIS and find them completely wrong and evil and then claim that Muslims will cease cooperating with their government, cease working to stop terrorist attacks, because Canada is choosing to fight the radicalized Islam of ISIS.

Maybe Pazira is just an idiot and has no idea what the actual opinions of the Canadian Muslim community are. The alternate option is that there may be more support than we think for ISIS in these communities, which is a pretty scary thought.


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