#WarOnWomen: Halloween Edition

It’s that time of year again. Where if a woman wants to dress up for Halloween, out of 100 costumes only 3 will be non-slutty or ‘sexy’.

mean girls

While looking for some ideas for costumes this year, here is some of what I found.


It could be worse. She could be case of crabs.


Cause when I’m chasing zombies, I always make sure I’m wearing a short skirt.

And who can forget this gem


Really? It’s a little kids’ film. Is nothing sacred anymore?

With those, you’ll also find Sexy Corn, Sexy Grapes, Sexy Ninja Turtles, Naughty Nem-Oh, Pizza Slut, and basically any profession you can slap a short skirt and low cut top on.

Fight back, my fellow conservative feminists! Why are our costume selection limited to only those that make us sexual objects? We deserve to able to dress in costumes that won’t leave us prone to frostbite. We should be able to wear funny costumes without question.

Who’s with me?


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  1. I hate to admit, I find it kind of fun…
    Not that I would wear them and some of them are pretty stupid, but it’s interesting seeing what kind of craziness a woman will pull out.
    As for me, I make my own costumes. This year I’m probably just going to pull out my Belle costume from Comicon this year. The kids will love it!

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