A Tempest in a Coffee Cup: Obama’s Gaffes

The Daily Mail referred to one of President Obama’s gaffes as a “Tempest” in an article yesterday and the first thing that this brought to mind was the saying “a tempest in a teapot”.

Look, we get it, Obama is an embarrassment. Everyone knows it, even liberals are beginning to admit it, the world is laughing at him for his bad policy decisions, poor vacation timing, and his hopelessly naive and slow foreign policy strategy.

While stupid, his “saluting with a cup of coffee in his hand” misstep from yesterday is probably the least worrisome thing he’s doing right now and likely the least important thing we could be criticizing.

There is no requirement that the President must return salutes by the military. No one did this until Reagan in the 1980s* and, while I love Reagan, but there is no “code of conduct” that says every President must behave the way he did.

Plenty of other “gaffes” that we make a big deal of are really things that other presidents have done. Bush did some pretty embarrassing things, some involving salutes too. When it comes right down to it, spending our time criticizing the President for doing something Republican Presidents did too just gives liberals ammo to dismiss us and make us look petty.


Like when we got upset at the picture of Obama giving a speech while a marine held an umbrella over his head. We got super upset, we had people drawing political cartoons about it, and this was yet another petty jab at something that the last three Republican presidents have all done at one time or another.



I admit that the president really should either properly salute or not salute at all, but when it really comes down to it, this is just a tempest in a coffee cup. There’s really nothing to see here. You can claim that it’s indicative of a long standing disrespect for the military on Obama’s part (which is probably true) but there are better instances of disrespect to pick on (like, say, Obama continuously taking credit for the work our military has done. I killed Osama Bin Laden indeed.)

There’s plenty to criticize about Obama, but by going after these silly little gaffes (which sometimes aren’t gaffes at all, but perfectly normal things that presidents regularly do) we look like idiots. We had better hope that our next Republican president is a robot that never screws up or does anything that looks silly, because we’ve officially lost the ability to tell liberal media that they are blowing a gaffe out of proportion.

Stop doing the Democrat’s job for us.


*to my knowledge anyway


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