But What I REALLY Want to Say Is…



Mr. President,

Early on in your first term, you were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. At the time I couldn’t figure out why. The only semi peaceful thing I ever saw you attempt was to say we shouldn’t have gone into Iraq then promised to get our troops out of there ASAP.

You have now removed our troops, against counsel from military experts, avoided your security briefings (I mean, really…how DARE they bother you, the Commander in Chief, with such pesky things as National Security), created a vacuum for radical Islamists to come to power in and NOW you are bombing the ever loving hell out of them in Syria! Very peaceful indeed.

To make it even classier, you played off ISIS as a JV team, not important enough to have a strategy for and blamed Bush again for letting all this happen. Right, Bush. If he hadn’t gone into Iraq, you wouldn’t have had to pull troops out causing the vacuum, blah blah blah…totes his fault.

6 years into your presidency, and 7 countries bombed by you, I think Nobel should ask for their Peace Prize back. You sir, are a charlatan! Some of your most ardent supporters still believe in your “Hope and Change”, but the rest of us now see the man behind the curtain.

You are a fraud, a huckster, a liar and a coward. You can’t even salute properly, if at all! You are no leader. The next attack in our Nation can be laid squarely at your feet. You’ll probably blame Bush again, but we all know the truth now.

A President leads, takes responsibility, admits failure, inspires people, understands the severity of sending our troops to a war zone and never gloats when something they try goes right. You lack humility and grace. You’re like a teenager who wants all the glory with none of the hard work. You briefed us on the execution of Foley, then played golf MINUTES later. Then you had the audacity to say you didn’t think about the OPTICS of that move!!! All you do is think about optics and photo ops and golf.

You have 2 years left. I suggest you start taking the responsibility of the job seriously. You wanted the job, act like it! Get off the golf course, stop lecturing us about climate change and start LEADING. I know that won’t happen though, and it saddens me.

Mr. President, you have single handedly turned the Office of the President into a joke. You have ushered in the era of an Idiocracy. Thanks a lot…



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