Why I Believe We Have A Responsibility To Fight ISIS

download (1)It’s been a while since something has pissed me off or upset me as much as our lack of involvement and lack of humanity when it comes to dealing with ISIS* in Iraq and Syria.

Maybe the fact that we are so close to the anniversary of 9/11 has made me more angry or more emotional about the issue, but I don’t think it takes an awful lot of empathy for someone to be angry and want their country to be that “city on the hill” that Reagan spoke of in 1984.

We are a nation that believes in the inalienable rights that no one can have taken away from them; Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness. We are all entitled to these rights, we aren’t given them by the government, it’s simply the government’s job to protect those rights. These rights are not just for Americans, we aren’t special, everyone has those inalienable rights.

Now I’m not saying that our country should run out and free every country where the government abuses its power or takes away those inalienable rights. Would I like too? Hell yeah, call me a neocon if you want…I consider it a compliment.

While we can’t destroy every dictator or crush every tyrant, that doesn’t mean we just sit back and watch atrocities happen because it “isn’t our business” or because “we aren’t the world’s policeman.” ISIS is a threat to our country and it makes sense to crush that threat before it gets any worse, but the truth is that it’s common human decency and ethics that call out for us to fight this fight and fight it as hard as our founding fathers fought to form this country and give us freedom and as hard as our ancestors fought in two world wars. We owe it to them to actually give a shit about what is going on in the world.

When men are being slaughtered, women and girls are being told to convert or be sold as slaves, when girls younger than 13 are being kidnapped and given as “brides” to ISIS soldiers to be raped over and over again. We owe this action to the people who came before us who fought for freedom, not only for our country, but for the freedom of millions of other people in Europe and Asia.

None of whom were “our business” either.

We owe this action to our own souls and the conscience of this country. To sit by and allow men, women, and children (some of them American citizens) to be captured, brutalized, and executed by ISIS is to be complicit with something that is on par with the atrocity level of the holocaust.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that on my soul.

I have been angry before, I have seethed with rage over any number of topics, I have beat on a punching bag and screamed in anger, but I have never in my life wanted so badly to kill before this. If I thought it would help**, I would gladly get on a plane right now and break the necks of every ISIS soldier who has laid a hand on a young girl or murdered an innocent Iraqi.

We would not sit by and watch as a girl was kidnapped right in front of us if we had the power to stop it. We would not say that it was her family’s responsibility to save her, we would not say that “getting involved would just be too much trouble for us”, we would not say that we aren’t the police so we shouldn’t get involved…at least I certainly hope none of us would. If we have the power to make the world a better place, power that we could use to go in hard and clear up a group so despicable that they shouldn’t be breathing the same oxygen as the rest of us, then we need to use that power.

If there is a light
You can’t always see
And there is a world
We can’t always be
If there is a dark
That we shouldn’t doubt
And there is a light
Don’t let it go out
– Song For Someone (U2)


*If you’re main issue right now is to argue with me over the semantics of ISIS vs. ISIL, please be assured that I hate you you with a passion that burns with the heat of a thousand suns.

**It wouldn’t, I’m weak as hell, but damn do I wish it would.


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