President Obama’s Primetime Announcement: Too Little Too Late!

Don’t miss it! Tonight at 9pm/ET the President will be delivering a speech, essentially, explaining to us, Congress, and the rest of the world something we all already know! News Flash Mr. President, you’re the one who’s late to the party on this one.


Where our President won’t be delivering his speech on how the United States intends on combating the terrorist organization ISIL/ISIS.

And the latest news on this “very important” speech is he will not be giving it from the Oval Office because it would give the wrong impression! To whom? And what “wrong impression” is he talking about? If you ask me, whenever a speech is given by the President in the Oval Office it gives the impression that he’s telling me something I not only want to hear but need to hear. Give a speech from that office, sitting behind that desk, gives us, the American people, a sign of respect and tradition for the position “we” (and believe me I say that as loosely as possible) put him in. By NOT wanting to use the Oval Office, I feel, he’s essentially saying that “I” (speaking as an American citizen) am not welcome in there. But honestly I’m spending too much time caring about where he’ll be giving this damn speech. Let me take a moment to share what I think he will say vs what I hope he would…

He will speak in broad strokes as he always does, mentioning how proud he is that our foreign allies have come forward in an effort to combat this problem. Actually, I’ll go so far as to say he might even define this “problem” as terrorists. Which is what they are. He’ll mention how America is committed to working with those countries that have already taken up arms WEEKS AGO and leave our resources open for them to use however they may need. But mark my words, he will make no open declaration nor even suggest that there will be ANY “boots on the ground” (as he always puts it) of our troops. He may talk about a few planned aerial attacks that our military will conduct in conjunction with our friends and allies but not much more than that. He’ll reassure us that, although the mainstream media might be leading us to believe differently, he and his administration is doing everything possible to ensure our safety. How will remain somewhat of a mystery of course, but rest assured, according to him, we are as safe as a house on fire with no windows! His speech will probably be under 15 minutes and he’ll most likely be on time too. If he’s late I predict he’ll be about 5 minutes at the most. If he’s any longer than that, after letting us know almost a week in advance that this speech was coming, then we truly are up a certain creek if you know what I mean…

Now as to what he should say? He should basically be humble and rightly fall on his own sword. He should apologize for NOT having a strategy “yet” but assure us that he’s gotten together the best military minds (and name them!) he could find from his own as well as previous administrations who have combated this kind of evil before and they have outlined a plan that he intends to follow to the letter! And those “military minds” better actually have military titles in front of their names too! He should then explain that terrorists of this kind need to be stopped or as the Prime Minister of the UK eloquently put it, “squeezed out of existence,” with as much force and alacrity as any one nation can muster. And if there is any one nation that can do it and should do it, it’s us. I’d like to hear him talk about not just our need to put boots on the ground but to ensure that those boots are not there for months or even years, but mere days, he’s sending the creme de la creme! Don’t just send thousands of troops. Don’t wait till our troops have been exhausted in numbers to send our SEALS, send them in now, quick and easy! These people (if you still wish to call them that, although I find them to be sub-human at best) do not fight by the same laws and rules as we do. He should mention how they sent us a personal message that they intend on eliminating us by any means and as much as we appreciate our friends and allies manning their battle stations, we’ll take it from here. We do not need nor want (much like Israel) others to fight our battles for us. If we need you then we’ll call on you, but for now, we got this! He should (and I almost hate to quote this but I think we need it) invoke those sage words of old that we intend to “walk softly and carry a big stick” when it comes to these terrorists. We will not stand for our American citizens to be used and murdered as some sort of sick word stage theater game, because this isn’t a game. The families of those two journalists deserve to be honored and avenged! And not until I feel satisfied that they have been and that no American citizen should have to fear for their safety on my watch, I will dispense with any vacations or fundraisers I may have planned and I call on the members of Congress to do the same. God bless you and God bless the United States of America!

Can you imagine if he said that?! Well, having listened to his “speech theater” I might not believe him if he were to say what I hope he would say, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t wish he’d show, not only some passion, but some compassion for the families who lost loved ones and for the people he took an oath to protect. Cause at this point all I’m seeing is a lot of smoke and mirrors and no actual backbone.


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  1. He reacts late to everything, especially a crisis. By design! It is all part of his destructive agenda.

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