Get Back to Work!

Today people walked off their jobs (or had union agitators protest for them) to bring to light that they don’t make enough money. They slave day in and day out to make food for the rest of us, take time away from their loved ones, and are simply asking for a nearly 100% increase in their hourly wage.

I’m sorry, but WHAT?!?!?!? You work at a fast food joint! You hold a job typically reserved for teenagers so they can start building a work history. You aren’t curing cancer; as a matter of fact, you may even be enabling it, but that’s a post for another day. You take precooked, frozen items and your reheat them, stack them in a particular order, wrap them in paper and hand them to customers. And you want $15/hour for this “skill”?

Let me tell you what I do. I manage 3 lower level employees who need CONSTANT supervision. I am the CFO, chef, chauffeur, nurse, doctor, police, judge, jury, warden, coach and teacher to these three. On top of all that, I am the maid! I also have a boss/partner who delegates many of the top priority tasks to me. While we are a team, his contribution is mostly monetary, though he does share in the maid and chef duties. My day begins at 6am and ends and 12am everyday. So roughly 120 hours a week.

Wanna guess my hourly wage? Bet you can’t guess! It’s $0.00/hr! See, I am a stay at home mom, so I actually don’t earn a salary per se.

But you work, what, 20-30 hours a week? You took a minimum wage job, KNOWING it was minimum wage, have no intention of working harder (as evidenced by you walking out today) but want almost double what you are currently making? Ok. There’s the door. Let me show you your replacement.






Truly, that is your replacement. It won’t complain about low wages, works 24/7, can’t walk out on the job and requires no breaks. Sure, there will be some maintenance involved in keeping them running smoothly, but a technician will handle that as the need arises. You know, a technician that went to school to learn how to fix machines like this, so is earning around what you think you should be making with no skills and no promise to do a better job.

See, you EARN raises. You earn them by showing up to do you job on time, doing your job well, going above and beyond despite no extra compensation, covering shifts for the people who want to slack off and doing it all with a great attitude!

The job you are currently doing is a starter job. The wage is lower because the skill needed to perform are low. Your wage increases when you take a job with greater responsibility. You will only be offered that when you prove you are mature and capable enough to handle it.

Throwing a hissy fit over your supposed low wages is not the way to get what you want. And if any of your employers cave to these ludicrous demands, I will no longer give my money to them. Believe me, I am watching this closely. And I reserve the right to point and laugh at all of you when you are unemployed due to your own stupidity.

You want a “livable wage”? Work for it!


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  1. I have no idea what the hell this is. While i dont agreed with raising it to $15 per hour, that arguement was just so silly. You are not trained in any of those professions you listed, thats how you see yourself. Youve raised yourself to be higher as if being a mom is a worthy title. YES being a mother is difficult and lifelong job, but you had the same choice as those people when they apply for the job . You chose to be a housewife, and you deal with it. They chose to work there as well, but you see, they have the ability to change aspects to it. You cant. You can not say “well i hope i get paid by my hubby so i can finally spend time with friends” no , you choose to do anything without checking with a higher ranking person. You alone can make your own life harder or easier, these people are fighting for it as well. There are working mothers, who dont have the same situation as you. They cant stay home, they have to support their families with the money they bring in. Prices have gone up in this economy for even basic needs. Every single cent is crucial to them. Most families can rely on one parent to bring home enough money to give them peace of mind. EVERYTHING revolves around money. Yea itd be easy not to take shit from costumers and find a better job. Do you even live in america, because its tough as hell finding a job. People with degrees are out flipping burgers, cuz guess what. Thats the only thing out there for them. Not everybody has a nice comfortable home with a loving adoring husband who brings in everything you need.

    • Yes, I choose to stay at home. Yes, I am all those things on my list. I have to be because that’s part of being a mom. Yes, I live in America. Yes, I am aware our economy sucks. Yes, my husband does bring home a decent salary, but to characterize my life as cushy is asinine and assumptive. I made other cogent points, but you want to only focus on the stay at home mom one, so kudos to you for being obtuse!

      Now, can we get back to the thing we agree on? $15/hour for a fast food worker position is insane and should never happen, regardless of the argument used.

      P. S. I currently have $37 in my account, but tell me again how other people need to make every penny count. Because clearly, I don’t need to make every penny count since my life is so comfy…according to you, random person.

  2. I will guess, by the grammar and spelling of your new hater that they did not excel in English during high school or college. Did you actually believe that they could comprehend the meaning of your article? After all, they could not manage to use a spell checker before they replied.

    • I like to think of myself as an equal opportunity comment taker. From accepting those who struggle with the English language, whether a native speaker or not, to those who have been able to master spelling AND grammar!

      Perhaps the first poster here can learn a thing or two about proper writing if they keep reading the articles here. 🙂

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