Guardians of the Galaxy


Guardians of the Galaxy, the next and final installment of this year’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, written by Natalie Perlman and James Gunn who also directed, the film is an unusual addition to the MCU and makes for an interesting and entertaining film.

Spoiler Free….ish 

This movie takes the cake and throws it in your face. It is a Space Comedy which serves as a nod to both Star Wars and Star Trek, so Trekies and Chewies (or whatever Star Wars fans call themselves) will love and appreciate this film. It is very much an action filled comedy that brings comedy away from the slapstick and stupid types which are popular like the Hangover and similar films. This film brings comedy in a truly Marvel way, full of amazing one-lines and as many 80’s references as humanely possible while still remembering the theme of the film.

Peter Quill is a “retrieval specialist” who was taken form earth as a child. He grows up with people who were far from the best role models and as a result ends up stealing an orb, running into an Assassin, landing himself in jail with a talking raccoon and a very adorable tree, pissing off an entire military organization and somehow amid all of that ends up helping to save the Galaxy.

Unlike the Avengers which brought many different kinds of heroes together who didn’t like each other and couldn’t get along, GotG brings together not only people who don’t like each other, but also people (and tree and raccoon people) who are far from heroes. In fact, they don’t want to have anything to do with heroes, unless there’s a bounty out on them.

Knowing very little about Guardians of the Galaxy comic is perfectly alright. The film gives you just a glimpse into the vast world that Marvel hasn’t even scratched the surface off, there were so many characters and species that were introduced to us and we saw a few familiar faces as well such as the one and only Stan the Man and a certain someone who we saw in Thor: The Dark World (after credit scene).

We have a ragtag team of people who are forced to work together first for a big pay off and only later through character development they learn to appreciate each other and come to understand the meaning of heroism and friendship.

Who are our players in this film?

First we have Peter, portrayed by Chris Pratt who held his own in this action movie, how much of the stunts were his own, remains to be seen. Despite that he did well as I only knew of him as a comedic actor. It goes to show that once again Marvel’s leading men are perfectly cast (seriously do they grow them in labs?).

Zoe Saldana as Gamora: First off we all know Zoe can act, and I was a little worried that I would be stuck seeing her as her Star Trek character. I completely forgot that Star Trek existed. Gamora is slick, she’s tough, she’s green, and she is ready to kill. A fascinating character with a tragic back story like all the characters (aside from Ronan the accuser, who’s really just a horrible non-human being).

Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser: WOW! You completely forget the actor even exists and not just because of the make-up, the voice, the mannerism, and the clothes are all intimidating, dark, and beyond powerful. Oozing from him is the words “you do not want to cross me.” (Seen left).

Karen Gillen as Nebula: Nebula to me was a bit weak, and I’m not sure if it was because of the script. She was certainly cool and tough, but it felt like there could have been a bit more from her. The voice she had was an odd choice and Karen portrayed her well enough, yet something was missing.

Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer was also excellent and had an interesting stiffness to him which fit the character really well.

Now to Bradley Cooper as the voice of Rocket and Vin Diesel as Groot. Together they played off each other well and you see a truly odd, yet endearing friendship between Rocket and Groot, who is so full of words of wisdom. They were amazing and I loved both of them. The actors carried their characters well and personality flowed through them. CGI or not, these guys were real to the audience.

The film had a few weaker moments, but overall was a great film full of laughter, powerful women, and set the stage for many more alien related movies (Kree-Skrull war please?).  For two hours the audience is showered with action, amazing and thrilling cinematography and enough laughter and heart-felt moments for them to laugh, cry, and enjoy.

Final Rating for Guardians of the Galaxy. A Strong B or 4 stars.

Magnifying StarMagnifying StarMagnifying StarMagnifying Star


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