What Did You Do During #Facebookdown?

When Twitter crashes, which hasn’t happened in a while *knock on wood*, they provide us with a cute image of a whale and we’re told they’ll be back up soon. The world goes into panic mode and you never truly realize just how invested you are in a social networking site till it crashes. Luckily with Twitter it’s never for an extended period of time! Although it always feels like it lasted FOREVER!

Now, I remember Facebook back when you had to have a validated school (college) email address in order to join! Yeah, I’m that old! And it was cool cause parents couldn’t join and high schoolers couldn’t join. But I digress. Cause now everyone and their momma (my momma included) has Facebook. Yet, not till today, August 1st, at around noon-time, have I witnessed a crash on it’s site, across all of it’s apps, and for this long! At first I thought it was just me getting this rather frustrating message as I tried to share a link to a Rally.org donation page I just created for a Podcast Show I’ve been doing (along with my co-host who also manages this site) for the past 6 months. Here’s where I insert some shameless plugging by sharing the widget I was trying to share on Facebook earlier:

Rally - Donate Button

But alas, I was met with the endless spinning wheel! Prompting me to do what we ALL do when that happens, keep refreshing the page! But does that work? Nope! Then finally I’m met with this (as I’m sure we all were):

Facebook Down

Gee thanks Facebook! The least you could do is provide a better message/image to try and sooth the pain you’ve inflicted upon MILLIONS!

So anyway, I’m sorry to report that I am more invested and addicted to Facebook than I thought. I always figured I was above such things since I’m lucky enough to be from a generation that never had it therefore could care less whether it crashed or not? How wrong I was! I find myself so utterly lost without Facebook that I’m writing this bloody post, in the hopes that others who feel as I do will find some solace in knowing we are not alone!

You can follow #Facebookdown, as I have been for the last half-hour to see just how many people are affected by this crash. It’s worldwide from what I can tell, and the speculation on why it happened and who is behind it is interesting to follow. Will Drudge update it’s main page to acknowledge the crash? Will Twitchy report on how many new users Twitter got as a result of people being unable to access Facebook yet need SOME kind of outlet to post to?? The possibilities and outcomes are endless as to what will happen after this? And to think, not matter how long this site is down (hopefully back up by the time this post goes Live!!) it will probably be remembered and looked back on fondly in the minds of the techie generation!

Welcome to the 21st Century people!


I fear I’m going through withdrawals already!



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