I’m NOT a Member of the NAACP! And Proud of It!



The NAACP had their annual convention last week where, again, those who don’t fall in line to their message don’t get to speak. However, for the first time, they allowed Deneen Borelli, a black Conservative, who through the help of FreedomWorks has started a movement to empower Blacks and show case how we don’t need the government to be good and great. Her movement, that I personally hope grows large enough to have it’s own convention and actually gets more people/members than the NAACP because it’s much more inclusive, can be found here.

I wanted to write this because after seeing the way Deneen was treated and simply not allowed to answer the questions being thrown at her, I was never more proud to NOT be a member of something. I’m the first to tell you that I’m not a part of the gay movement, or the war on women, or any Black movement, that includes the NAACP, and this video is a great example why:

It amazes me how “tolerant” the NAACP and so called Black Leaders claim to be and are portrayed to be by the MSM but will anyone acknowledge just how much truth is in this video? Will anyone actually say the truth, that if you are Black you must be Liberal otherwise they are not allowed within the very organization who’s purpose/mission used to be ensuring equality for ALL colored people. Their mission says nothing about political parties because it was never supposed to be about politics. The NAACP, which may have served a purpose when it was founded in 1909 clearly has been around too long, like politicians in Congress who can serve as long as they win elections, they have gone cold inside and corrupt. And the greatest damage of all being perpetrated is in the message they have been instilling into the minds of those who may not be as educated (like the woman in the video above) because they have never been given the opportunity to choose for themselves. Without realizing it she mentioned one of the largest tenets of the Conservative movement, and that is, after utilizing a government program temporarily, she then was able to stand on her own two feet and be the woman that she is today, NOT living off the government dollar. That is exactly what Conservatives want! Not just for Blacks but for all Americans, equally.

Yet, she is ignorant to that because the leaders of the NAACP will not allow a voice other than their own to infiltrate the minds of their members. How can we learn who we are and what we want to believe if we are not allowed to know all the options available to us. I am not stupid and I can make my own decisions. So I pose this simple question to the member of the NAACP: If they had your best interests at heart, and if they truly believe you are strong and smart and capable, why then do they refuse to allow any Black Conservative voice to speak at your conventions?

Either they are afraid you will realize what they have been doing to your thinking process all these years or worse than that, you will realize they DO think you’re stupid and mindless and easily manipulated so they make sure you only hear their side and carry around their message of hate and separation (which they cleverly mask as justice and equality) around with you wherever you go? Which is it? Cause from where I’m standing, however you look at it, an organization like this cannot be allowed to continue.

I leave you with this final thought that just came to me: Why is it the Conservatives you “have to allow this” and “have to accept them” but when it comes to the “this and them” in question they don’t have to make the same allowances? I’m of the mindset now, that while I acknowledge your right to assemble and to exercise your freedom of speech, I do not and will not give you my respect so long as you take that right to assemble and free speech to silence the voices you disagree with for the sake of your own selfish agenda. Enough is enough! I have just as much a right to be who I am and say what I feel and believe what I want to believe as those who are members of the NAACP! They do not speak for me nor do they represent me or my interests so I must say the things I think and feel because other than Deneen Borelli and CL Bryant and the other people of color who don’t get a voice at NAACP conventions or Left-leaning MSM networks, who will represent me? This is a time where I have to represent myself or have no one blame but myself when hate and evil wins.


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  1. It seems to me that certain Black American civil rights organizations have become Authoritarian Collectivist’s. This won’t end well for Black Americans…which include me. 😦

    There’s a ‘fine’ line between a Liberal Individual & an Authoritarian Collectivist.

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